9/11 Truth Tuesdays - Second Night - 1/8/2008

Tonight was the second night for what we're calling 9/11 Truth Tuesdays. Between the two movies shown, "Loose Change Final Cut", and "9/11: Press For Truth", about 10 people showed up. Thank you all for coming out. This week, we're starting to advertise in a local paper so hopefully next week we will see more people. For me, it was very gratifying to hear Megan, and Mark's reactions to PFT. I look forward to seeing you there next week. If you're in the Philadelphia area, please try and attend, and bring as many people as you can, and thanks. :)

newsfrombelow always


always important when interviewing someone not to then start lecturing them about what you know.

keep asking them questions and let them answer.

it has a very patronizing tone.

i appreciate all your work but this interview with the woman was poorly handled.


I was awaiting an update on this. I was hoping more than ten would show up. I talked to my local art house theater and recommended Loose Change: Final Cut, Press For Truth, and America: Freedom to Fascism. They are owned by Kerasotes, so it didn't look good, but the manager said he'd look into it. I think I might drop off dvd's there tonight. I hope we can rouse this nation and media to the truth. We'll see.

I was hoping...

More than 10 people would show up to. However, I know for a fact that we're going to have a nice turnout next week. I am surprised though that the "closet truthers" who frequent 911Blogger.com from the area haven't shown up to show support. I find it hard to believe that there are only 20 or so truthers in the entire Philadelphia area. Hopefully next week, with the advertising, etc... we'll have a nice turnout.

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Great job

Jon and Betsy, keep up the great work. I've been in VA all of my Christmas break, but will be driving back up there back to Philly on Saturday. If all goes well, I will be in attendance next Tuesday. Hope to see ya'll out. I'm going to try and bring along some college stuidents, depending on who is back on campus or not.

Again, this is great great work. Totally revitalizing to the entire movement!

Mark in Philly



9/11 Truth Activists, "The Shell Game" is a Godsend to spreading 9/11 truth facts, and opening the public's mind. SPREAD THE WORD !! PLEASE!


9/11 Truth Cynics Step Aside!! ANY DOUBTS About "The Shell Game" Are Dashed!!

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-- Steve Alten, New York Times Best Selling Novelist (author of “The Shell Game”)

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Today, due to this campaign, we now have many thousands of volunteers, Alten is educating in 9/11 truth issues, now spreading 9/11 truth information throughout the nation. These are NEW volunteers with new passion and energy to make as big a splash as possible. When you see the below website, and the front and center 911 Links . . . you’ll see why this is so exciting for those hungering for a mass demand for a new 9/11 investigation !!

After spending endless winters freezing my tail off begging the average American to read a 9/11 truth pamphlet . . . and spending endless summers sweating in insufferable heat begging the average American to read a 9/11 truth pamphlet . . . the end of my, “OUR,” nightmare may finally be at hand.

On January 22nd (sooner at amazon.com) a novel by New York Times best selling novelist will go on sale in airports and be placed in prime spots in book stores all across America. The below website of this novel now has a “911 Links” section front and center on the home page. What will you find here?


On this “The Shell Game” website homepage, front and center, under “911 Links” you’ll find most of the 9/11 truth oriented websites we have all been working our tails off for years trying to get as many people as possible to view !!!


In ONE DAY, when “The Shell Game” hits the national book stores, airports, etc. etc. . . . it will become a 9/11 truth leaflet that exposes readers to a series of 9/11 truth research facts, set as chapter headings . . .

The dam is breaking my friends . . .

I have been at 9/11 truth work for 7 years now. When something HUGE is about to break . . . attacks will come from all corners. You will see some people tell you “don’t support this novel’s propulsion to the top,” “don’t support something that looks too easy!”

It is easy to be jaded when you are fighting the enormous fight we’ve all fought. BUT, there is another saying I believe in . . . “good things come to those who wait.”

As 9/11 activists we have fought for several long years. Many people have been influenced by the work we’ve done, and it has spurred them on to do courageous things, just like we have. Steve Alten, New York Times best selling novelist, and author of “The Shell Game,” is one of the many who we have helped to educate.

Now is the time for 9/11 truth activists to put aside our bitterness and suspicion. This author has put his website where his mouth is. Anyone telling you to not support a novel who’s promotional website can be the most powerful catalyst for 9/11 truth . . . is not supporting the mass knowledge of 9/11 truth.


READ ENTIRE ARTICLE AT: http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_bill_dou_080108_9_2f11_truth_cyn...


You could post on your site, and others about what Betsy and I are doing, and ask that they attend.

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we go again....

Thanks Jon and Betsy

I enjoyed watching that video. Hope the numbers pick up!


I don't get it

why this post hasn't received a solid 10 rating. Oh well....I gave it a 10


I'm effective at what I do, and because of that, I have shills/trolls/@ssholes that follow me around, voting down all of my blogs in an effort to "annoy" me. It's obvious that whoever is doing it, is not someone that cares about this cause.

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A template to follow!

Hats off to Jon and Betsy! It's a great move! Can't wait to see how the next few weeks go!

Jon and Betsy,

...please believe them!