Barrie Zwicker on TVO - February 13th, 2008

On Wednesday, February 13th, Barrie Zwicker was invited to be a guest on the publicly funded TV Ontario television program, "The Agenda with Steve Paikin". The episode was originally billed as "Paranoid Political Imagination - Understanding conspiracy theories: Why do some people see things that most don't", this was on Monday the 11th.

The "agenda" seems to have been to have Zwicker on the show, showcase him as a paranoid "Conspiracy Theorist" and then have a panel follow up and explain why he was a paranoiac. However, Zwicker was so damn good in the opening segment with Paikin, that the episode was re-named, "Barrie Zwicker - Conspiracy Anyone?", and split into two distinct segments, the first with Zwicker, called "The Interview - Fact or fiction? Writer Barrie Zwicker on the real story behind 9/11", and the second segment a rather typical establishment rationalization of "Conspiracy Theories" called "The Debate: Conspiracy Anyone? - Why do some people see things that most don't? The rising popularity and seductive logic of conspiratorial thinking", which you can view as a streaming episode or podcast D/L at the show's website:

The second segment uses the film Zeitgeist as a launching point for a mundane round of excuse making for official lies.

The show's blog entry features some lively discussion, might as well chip in;

Paging Laurie Manwell, your expertise is required for a rebuttal to the TVO "panel"...


He is just outstanding!

I agree !

and would like to add. THANK YOU BARRY ! In watching this i could'nt help but see, that Canada is more American then we are !
I applaud Barry, TVO, and would like to say as well ,thank you Canada for helping America find out
what the hell happened on 9/11.
Thanks Reprehensor for the clip.
P.S.......... Another thing i thought when watching this clip. How odd, and down right sad that we don't see OUR media doing more of this, and they wonder why us Americans are fed up with this BS.

Steve Bailey & Ian Dowbiggin: the Dupes!

"The Debate: Conspiracy Anyone?

Steve Bailey

Ian Dowbiggin

Barrie Zwicker

Great job as always. Barrie has got to be my favorite truther. Paikin tried his best to trip him up but no chance. It's funny how the truth always wins out.

The Book

Probably my favorite book on

Probably my favorite book on 9/11.

Great job...

Very Good...

I would really like if there was a complete discussion mentioning all of the 9/11 cover-ups. Especially WTC7, explosions, BBC reporting WTC7 ~ 20 mins early, silverstein "pull it", molten metal in all basements,"richard gage and steven jones", the put options put on the airlines, the insurance clause regarding hijackers for the very new lease again silverstein, the pentagon - wheres the plane debris and the great video "the pentacon", not allowing sibel edmonds to speak, the war games on at the same time - and the same thing happened in londo 7/7 - wars games / drills etc - same targets same date... massive smoking gun etc etc etc.... I really hope this Europe for 9/11 Truth Evening at the European Parliament goes well. It has been 7 years - time for everyones hard work to pay off.

Media training for Truthers?

Politicians approach interviews with a narrow set of talking points. The number one rule is: Don't answer the question you were asked; answer the question you wish you had been asked.

I wonder if somebody should put together a media training kit for Truthers? I try to watch people such as Zwicker as if I were an average Joe. How would I measure Zwicker's performance? So-so.

The questions here were common and predictable, and often had nothing to do with evidence (how many conspirators, wouldn't someone talk, etc.). We have to turn those questions to our advantage. I don't think Zwicker did that. He took a weak talking point (lack of air defense -- which most people will attribute to confusion) and didn't offer a succinct piece of evidence to support his claim.

Why not take the first question of the interview, whatever it is, and say, "Look, Steve, I think we need to establish one thing first. The 9/11 Commission was deeply compromised for the following reasons.... And therefore what we know about 9/11 is compromised. The same 9/11 widows who pressured Bush into establishing an investigation he didn't want are once again calling for a new investigation of 9/11."

From there, don't answer speculative questions like "Why would Cheney do 9/11?" Zwicker obviously wanted to be polite and answer that question, but I would turn that question into a discussion of Cheney's whereabouts on 9/11.

Bottom line: Try to imagine what you sound like to someone who knows nothing about 9/11.

Apathy Supports the Status

Apathy Supports the Status Quo

I try to limit this issue to proving the math of free falling bodies. The official story is contrary to mathematics and physics. It's impossible, whenever the impossible is eliminated then what remains is the truth no matter how improbable.

I met Barry Zwicker in Seattle a couple of years ago, he's a nice guy and a good 9-11 Truth Teller.

100 procent agreed.

You have to avoid getting into spekulation AT ALL.
It's not NEEDED with all this EVIDENCE.

The host complains about the journalists but shows no real interest and curiosity himself!
A set up.

Barry Zwicker - One of the Greats

His credibility and approachability are on par with Ray McGovern.

Don't forget his first 9/11 film, "The Great Conspiracy" -
I've been using it for a long time & think it is still one of the best deprogramming tools. Because it starts with historical precedent & proceeds all the way through the hard questions, it is very good at reaching audiences that are not inclined to take 9/11 truth seriously. It also came out fairly early in the history of the 9/11 truth movement and was even shown on Canadian (public channel) TV.

Great to see him getting some more media exposure. And if he did manage to change the format of the program... freakin awesome. Did I mention that he really is a nice guy?

A copy of the film is

A copy of the film is included on DVD with his book. Another reason why this is one of my favorite 9/11 truth books.

Zwicker did a fine job!

Barrie Zwicker is so conventional in his approach he proves to be a great asset to 9/11 Truth!

I like his measured approach and deflects much potential criticism as a potential "conspiracy nut".

He did deliver a strong statement when he clearly indicted the US government. He tried to make a rational case that there's little to substantiate it was 19 hijackers. It's more likely Cheney and a chain of command outside the normal one, making the failure of an air force response possible! It's clearly MIHOP in his mind!

His noting the failure of any air force response is key to implicating the state as culpable! It's at the very least LIHOP.

Zwicker's book shows insight when he notes it is more accurately termed the Keane-Zelikow commission!

His observation about James Bamford reflected a great deal of professional knowledge as well.

Thanks for this link. It was well worth watching!

...don't believe them!

Chapter 5 of Barrie's book

Chapter 5 of Barrie's book where he hands Noam Chomsky and other Left-Gatekeepers their collective behinds is available on-line for free:

I'm looking forward to reading his new book.

"Why do some people see things that most don't?"

Perhaps because some people are more perceptive than others? Because some people understand that authorities' claims cannot always be taken as truth, and that conpiracies, even large ones, have happened and continue to happen?

I believe that if enough "ordinary people" persist in demanding that the media do their job and follow the evidence, something has to change. We have to start making the media really feel that they are being dismissed by more and more people. A fellow Finn actually suggested a coordinated international truth campaign for the mass media.

Meanwhile, please comment on this much-watched video to keep the (probably paid) shills under control:

Out of the Dark Ages

I watched the second video where a group of psychiatrists (I guess) discussed why everyone is crazy unless they believe the government story. They are desperate to compete with free information off the Internet and losing badly. The Internet is taking us out of a new dark age and into a new age of enlightenment. We'll now be making decisions based on thousands of voices rather than the privileged few.


I clicked on the link for the second segment on discussions, and I cant find where to click to watch (dont have ipod or xm)
can someone help a poor tech-idiot here?....or post the video imbedded?

Click on the "Conspiracy

Click on the "Conspiracy Anyone?" tab (next to the "Barrie Zwicker" tab). Then click on the "Watch video" link to the right.

Click the link again, look for where it says :Barry zwicker, loo

Click the link again, look for where it says :Barry Zwicker (below the date) , look for a TAB to the right that says :Conspiracy Anyone?, click , to the right it will say: watch., click

"The Debate: Conspiracy Anyone?

Steve Bailey

Ian Dowbiggin


Got it, thanks.

And no wonder they didnt want Barrie in this discussion.
All they do is try to explain why people dont conform to the mass story.
They make not a single mention on any discrepancy of the OCT.

But good news that Zeitgeist is the number one film on google.

And America: Freedom to Fascism is number 2


Thank you

An excellent host. He put

An excellent host. He put Barrie on the hot seat and that will benefit Barrie and others. The interviewer asks the sort of questions that most of my liberally highly educated friends ask. One thing that was fascinating is that this line of questioning doesn't even permit analysis of the physical evidence itself. Instead it focuses on minutia and motive, something which most mainstream liberally educated people cannot get beyond.

The idea that people in the government would have such a motive is ludicrous to them. I have a friend whom I've tried to convince but he's university educated and a born skeptic of 'conspiracy theories' in the derogatory sense. He cannot get past this line of logic and reasoning as to why would individuals go to such great lengths to start a war and execute their own citizens. And consequently any physical evidence is either ignored or just poo pooed. These are the people this movement needs to reach. There is no left-wing gate keeping in my opinion. It is more like left wing limited thought gate keeping. They are indoctrinated in certain reality paradigm where large scale conspiracies are an impossibility. They use thought devices such as 'critical thinking'. The problem with 'critical thinking' as I see it is that it quite conveniently ignores scientific laws of nature and sets in on the side so that it can elevate things like relationships, institutions, politics, motive, reason, For example, if I say the buildings came down at FREE FALL SPEED. A critical thinker would say something tangentially like 'well I don't know about that, but can you explain how such a conspiracy could happen without leaking and what would the possible motive be...etc. etc...' Or 'well it was judged to be have been weakened by the jet fueled fires - there is no disputing that and that has already been reported on.' I'm sure you all know the routine.

I honestly don't think our numbers are higher than we think or obviously could be. We need to some how reach people like this host who is trapped in this thought paradigm. It's not his fault. He is a product of his higher education. He is essentially trapped in a box of accepted acknowledgment.
Even his Kennedy jab at the end showed his true colors. Because to him, to say that anyone else other than Oswald is ludicrous and paranoid fantasy - conspiracy theory. Why? Because there is no mainstream media endorsement of such an axiom therefore it cannot possibly be true. Therefore, his question at the end was to paint Barrie as a nut by essentially stating to his audience, 'remember folks, this guy believes in the Kennedy conspiracy too...'

We simply must convince people like this. We must free their minds.

Astute Analysis Cornelius

How do you convince someone that "WAR IS A RACKET!"

When they have been immersed in "we are the good guy" propaganda their entire lives.

Complete crap journalism

I agree to an extent, but I was surprised at the low quality of debate on a TVO (TV Ontario) show that was supposed to be highly regarded.
The first section was obviously set-up to put Barry on the defensive and not to get to anything resembling the truth.
The second section, from a journalistic point of view, was a complete mess. Even panels are supposed to have a predetermined focus - even if it's biased. But the stats the host came out with - consistently conflicted with what the panelists were saying. Then, at the end, half of them were caught putting up their hands at the JFK question. (Ummm guys -Congress said it was a conspiracy.)

If this is a highly regarded show - I can see why Toronto kept voting in Mel Lastman for mayor.
( Canadian reference)

Great Insight....Cornelius

" There is no left-wing gate keeping in my opinion. It is more like left wing limited thought gate keeping. They are indoctrinated in certain reality paradigm where large scale conspiracies are an impossibility."

Cornelius made an insight many are limited by their conditioning! It's just a symptom of how thought has been shaped in Western Civilization. David Ray Griffin's first reaction to colleagues' e-mails pointing out the anomalies of 9/11 and implied state sponsorship, was even the Bush Administration can't be that bad! My reaction was much the same!

The solution would be to have those who are resigned to "see no evil" to spend a week with either Bush, Cheney or the Neocons! Or, as in Sibel Edmond's case, be exposed to the day-to-day operations of one of the alphabet soup agencies. I bet their thinking would change.

I agree with Cornelius, you have to keep at those who do not want to peer into the abyss. They need their capacity for critical thinking stimulated! In Omaha, NE, after the Westroads Mass Murder in December, I've been able to open some eyes by presenting the coincidence of Bush's visit and a reluctance to admit Homeland Security was at the Mall that very day!

I point to the early reports of a black man in camoflauge being held and the subsequent report of a troubled young person from a military family who just lost his job and girlfriend! I bring up similarities to the Virginia Tech shootings where there's an early incident and a second event. I present the observation Cho's roommates didn't recognize some of the pictures, again, as if there were possibly two people and two events?

State-sponsored terrorism transpires with regularity and impunity! Everyone looks the other way in almost complete ignorance!

Finally, there must be vigilance otherwise those roused tend to slumber, again!

...don't believe them!

Relate to Hitler.

My Grandfather was a simple but relatively astute country farmer in North Holland in the thirties. He was easily convinced that Hitler was the right man for the job when he first took power, and so he supported Hitler because he could never have imagined what would ensue. But Hitler didn't just fool a few, most uninformed people were duped and look what happened as a result.
I can only suggest we remind "liberal, critical thinking skeptics'" of that episode in history and ask, "why not again? Are we living in some enchanted time and place that is immune from corruption and lies and greed and evil."
How can people understand and accept that the Bush administration lied in order to invade and occupy Iraq, but that they would draw the line there?
The reason my friends is, they simply do not want to believe it. It would undermine the foundations of their whole belief system.
BTW. Please read my post below and make suggestions to Steve Paikin re: a future program dealing with just what we are discussing here.
I'm sure it works because I for one have suggested in the past that Paikin have a show on 9/11 Truth and have even offered Zwickers name as a local expert. I'm not taking credit but I sincerely believe that we influence decisions if we are polite and articulate and sensible.

Agreed. Never under

Agreed. Never under estimate the power of denial and the fear of leaving one's own comfort zone.

Hi dad. (LOL)

Coincidentally my fathers name was Cornelius.

The Agenda blogs

I didn't know there were so many closet Truthers in Southern Ontario.
Check out the comments on the blog related to the Zwicker show.
They are mostly open minded and supportive of the "Inside job theory."
Theres an area for submitting ideas to the show.
Please help by suggesting a follow up show dealing with the physics of 9/11 instead of the psychology.