World's largest Sept. 11 exhibit to open in France

This is the first time objects from the Twin towers etc. will be exhibited outside of the US. It is in a tourist area so perhaps a 911 truth vigil throughout the summer with 911 Truthers from all over the world taking turns in their holiday would be a way to raise 911 awareness.

Museum out to show event's global impact

By Geraldine Baum | Tribune Newspapers
April 12, 2008

PARIS — On the shores of Normandy where thousands of Americans died in the cataclysm that was D-Day, a museum that aims to be more than a collection of rusting relics is preparing to commemorate another day that changed the world: Sept. 11, 2001.

More than 120 mementos, from building keys to a smashed vehicle, are being shipped from New York to the French city of Caen for the first such exhibition outside the United States—and the largest anywhere on the attack, its roots and aftermath.

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911 Terror Timeline??

"What we decided to do in France is a much broader story than focusing just on the events of Sept. 11," he said. "We decided to step back a little and tell more about Al Qaeda itself and profile the 19 terrorists and look at the hours of the day with a timeline and with people involved, all done in greater depth. ... It's a much more all-encompassing narrative."
Does this mean they contacted Paul Thompson? (end sarcasm)
Why Normandy I wonder? Do they think there are no Truthers in France or that they just don't care??
If this museum were anywhere in North America there would be daily demonstrations and more people would come away doubting the official story that otherwise.
Something tells me our friend in Herblay will be a regular visitor;)


Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
taken from her article ... "Profiles of 10 victims and people who helped in the rescue effort will be illustrated by their possessions, ...."
We French can especially expect one of the profiles to be on William Rodriquez who has already been here in Paris and had effected a long tour in the UK.

However I am still asking if anyone has information outside the 911 truth movement ( CNN , BBC etc ) on William Rodriquez receiving his hero medal. I am quite sure that the neocons are prepared for unexpected outbreaks of 911 truth as can be seen in the excellent film "Wag the dog" scenario. I do not want another Tania Head bogus miraculous 911 WTC escape.

Even knowing that the film "Flight 93" was propaganda (no any high-altitude cell phone calls had occurred ( report FBI , ...)) I went to see the film to learn what other lies we will have to explain. In the same way, you are right, I risk to be a frequent visitor to this museum to Caen physically or virtually. Will have to be there for the opening day whenever that will be ! Nicolas Sarkozy our dearly loved president will surely be there as I can imagine George Bush as well !

For the moment we have little information on this project but will write to Géraldine Baum at to have more information and especially on the opening day (June 06/2008 ?)

On her I found
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The neocons have the money to spread their propaganda but we have the courage to bring these criminals to justice. This museum could be the first to show the power of the good citizens against the evil state terrorist criminals.
Could not find a direct link to Geraldine Baum's original article in the Tribune Newspapers: April 12, 2008 but did find a copy? in the

Please does someone have a link to the article in the "Tribune Newspapers" ?

Will have to suggest that give the French the possibility to view the video "911: PRESS FOR TRUTH"


Yours John

Hello John,

I understand that the French website "Reopen 911" has quite a large user base.

Could you plan some protests together with people on that site?

Reopen911 is the biggest 911 truth organisation in France.

Herblay FRANCE

Thanks Vesa for the advice. In fact I am in regular contact with two active members of and have been on many actions with the l'association. I was the initiator of the first "ONZE BOUGE" here in France.

I confirm that Reopen911 is the biggest 911 truth organisation in France , the most active and translates a lot of 911 documentation into French. However like a lot of us here on 911blogger we are tired out by our days labour that we have little energy left the evening for the rest. Doing actions locally is quite efficient even if the results are not immediately there.

Yours John

The advantages of a big site

"However like a lot of us here on 911blogger we are tired out by our days labour that we have little energy left the evening for the rest."

I know what you mean. That's why a lot of different people must be recruited to the demonstration, and I believe that Reopen911 is the right website to coordinate that!

It's interesting that

the 9-11 exhibition in France uses material from the New York State museum in Albany. On my website at, I have some photos, if one scrolls down a bit, of one of the Albany exhibits. It's a steel beam that has been bent in half, and I tried to get closeups of parts of the beam, thinking it might be useful for evidence regarding the collapse of the WTC towers. I was also thinking that maybe some of the serial numbers from some of the airplane parts might be recoverable from material from the Albany collection. Good article.

This looks like a propaganda ploy

Russ Hallberg

Hope there are plenty of counter propagandists who can make the scene. This appears to be an attempt to link D-Day and the liberation of France with 9/11. Counter propaganda would be linking 9/11 to the Reichstag Fire!

Bang On.

"This appears to be an attempt to link D-Day and the liberation of France with 9/11. Counter propaganda would be linking 9/11 to the Reichstag Fire!"


It will also make it much easier to frame any protests there as anti-American, if such protests are even allowed at the site.

With proper planning, this should be able to be made a significant beachhead for 9/11 truth in Europe.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

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