I would like to buy a camcorder to enregister interviews like WeAreChange. Can anyone help me to find the camcorder for the job?

Herblay France

bonsoir ,

for a long time now I have been admiring the « WeAreChange » videos and think they can help us to bring the truth to our world citizens.

For the last six months I have been looking for a camcorder to buy that will permitt me to interview the population on 911. I would like to have a camcorder that

- is the least expensive ( - I have still to convicnce my family on this purchase
- if the camcorder is broken in a manifestation ou stollen the loss is least
- around 400 euros )
- has a mircophone jack ( I am thinking of using a microphone without wires to capture a good quality sound)
- has a headphone jack to monitor that the sound is being enregistered is correct
- has either a firewire connection or other to easily do video editing and posting on YouTube
- small size if possible so that I can carry easily the camcorder in my jacket discreetly
- a preference for a flash card so that there is less risk of phyical damage if the camcorder falls on the ground

I have studied ;
the cannon 215

the cannon 235

these two are in my price but do not have a headphones jack.

found Panasonic NV-GS220
but in France the « J équipe Ma Maison » is out of stock

Can anyone on this blog give me a link to a camscope that will do the job.

Thanks for any help.



We Are Change ~ Forum.

You might have better luck registering and posting over at the We Are Change Forum..

You can also email Rob


Or the Forum Administrator here

Hope they can tell you what you need to make your decision. And look forward to seeing some video clips in the future as well :) Good luck.

Thank you for the info which I will follow up.


Thank you for the info which I will follow up.



If you have any problems...

Consider emailing the above addresses. I don't have much expertise in the technical aspects of photography. Peace bro. Good luck.



I have a Canon with a microphone jack. It records onto Mini DV tapes, but I'm not sure how long that format will be around.

Very easy to use, very reliable.

I would find a Canon with a microphone jack. That is going to be the hard part, I think.

Thanks for the info. What is exactly your Canon ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir Reprhensor ,

Thanks for the info. What is exactly your Canon ?

Today I went looking for a camcorder and saw this model in the FNAC at Cergy Pontoise
I see there is a jack microphone and the seller was sure that there the other jack is for the headphones. I have to be sure that this model has a jack headphones as I want to use a radio microphone and I need to crontrol that the sound is correct and not corrupted by outsitde interference.
I am using the internet to confirm the specifications of the camcorder but I will buy in France in case I have to take it back when if works badly.

The world citizens will have to become journalists as the real ones are not doing their job. It might be helpfull that 911blogger gives the technical information so that the citizens can buy the equipement that will help them to do the job.

Since three days my computer is under attack I am am scanning for the intruders. It may be for serveral days I can no longer connect to the internet. But I will be looking here for all the help I can get



Optura 50

I don't think Canon makes them anymore.