Steve Jones & Jim Fetzer Invited to Speak at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

Following is a copy of my email to Dr. Steven E. Jones and Dr. James Fetzer, inviting them to speak at the National Press Club. The invitation itself is news.

Hi, Steve & Jim:

On behalf of the McClendon Group Chairman John Edward Hurley of the National Press Club, I hereby invite both of you to speak at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Wednesday, January 10, 2007.

Dinner will be in the McClendon Room at 6:30pm, and your presentations will begin at or about 7:00pm. If this date does not work for you, then we may be able arrange another Wednesday date for January.

* * * * * * * * *

On behalf of all Americans & others who sincerely seek the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the methods, motives, and perpetrators of the events of September 11, 2001, I strongly urge you to accept this invitation.

Yes, there has been some controversy concerning the Scholars for 9/11 Truth. This will add to the media appeal for this event. Your areas of agreement and disagreement about 9/11 truths and 9/11 possible truths will help us all to advance in the 9/11 investigatory, activist, justice, and remedial work yet to come.

Please contact me for more details at your earliest convenience.

Let me know. More soon. Thank you. Best regards,

Thomas J Mattingly

P.S. John Edward Hurley is the Chairman of the McClendon Group of the National Press Club. White House Correspondent Sarah McClendon founded the McClendon Group in 1963, which has met approximately every two (2) weeks on Wednesdays since 1963. Sarah covered every single U.S. President from FDR thru George W. Bush. The McClendon Room of the National Press Club was named after Sarah in 2003 (after Sarah died). We will have dinner for a small group in the McClendon Room at 6:30pm -- before your presentations. Although we will pay for dinner for your wives and for you, we have no money for any other expenses.

Which members of the press will be in attendance?

Thank you.

The media will cover the Jones-Fetzer event as the media choose.

The mainstream & alternative media will cover the event with Steve Jones & Jim Fetzer as the media choose.  The event will also be open to the public.

We, the McClendon Group of the National Press Club, had Morgan Reynolds & Judy Wood as our guest speakers on September 6th for our 9/11 Fifth Anniversary event (after we had first invited Steve Jones, who declined).  Several media minimally covered the event, including the Washington Post & Fox NewsFox News later had Morgan Reynolds as a live guest.  Fox News also taped an interview with Morgan Reynolds. However, Fox could not exploit the taped interview for their own purposes; therefore, Fox did not use it. 

On September 11, 2006, several of us (including Jim Marrs, Morgan Reynolds, Byron Belitsos, Bob Bowman, and Barbara Honnegar) had lunch with Thomas Kean & Lee Hamilton, Co-Chairs of The 9/11 Commission.  To say the least, meeting & having lunch with Kean & Hamilton was surreal (especially with the presence of our group). 

After lunch, Kean & Hamilton gave speeches, which were covered & broadcast by C-CPAN and other major media.  Kean & Hamilton refused to take live questions.  In addition, none of our written, submitted, biting questions were asked of Kean & Hamilton before the cameras.

The National Press Club is the premier media venue in Washington, DC.

"Thomas J Mattingly"

Any chance you'll answer my pm, with those promised infos about yourself and your incredible research ?
Youre not gonna get away like that after saying you worked on a perpetum mobile, you know.
Either proof your for real, or forget it and leave, Mr. Mattingly.
If its still a spam-filter problem, id recommend you learn to deal with that. Should be no problem, given your 'background'.

em7, Just Ask Steve & Jim...

So, em7, Does instant gratification takes too long for you (too)?  No, I have not yet responded to your P.M./email.

Arranging for and securing the above invitations for Steve Jones & Jim Fetzer to speak at the National Press Club were a high priority for me.  Sorry...

If you're really concerned about whether I'm "for real," then just ask Steve & Jim.  Or, why don't you come to Washington, DC on January 10th for Steve's & Jim's presentations at the National Press Club?

"ask Steve & Jim"

Ask Jim Fetzer? Well, sorry, but he has zero credibility in my book. See the other threads about his recent behaviour.
Steven Jones?
Well, you write he declined your invitation. Right? So, what does that tell us?
I for one think it was a wise decision he made.

I just dont get why you invite me to pm for infos on all that fantastic research and then hide behind 'ask Jim'.

One more question: is T.J.M. supposed to be your real name?
Im not asking cause i think it is a problem if it is not. Im just curious what youre answering to this, u know.


also, as you can probably imagine, this is not about whether "there IS a guy that calls himself T.J.M. who emails all the known 911 researchers and tries to organise meetings in a certain club". I know that part is for real.
The question is what your intentions are.
And, i have a raging clue, u know.

Let the 9/11 Truth Phoenix Rise -- Before the Usual Time...

Yes, Steve Jones did decline my first invitation to speak at the National Press Club -- due to his class schedule.  However, he said that he wanted to speak when he had more time (which he does now). 

Steve, Jim & I have been in semi-regular communications since that time in August -- and only recently when they again expressed an interest in speaking at the NPC.  I then lost no time in securing the invitation (despite your pending email).

If others & you disagree with the 9/11 science & approach of either Jim Fetzer or Steve Jones, then you should let them know -- and provide evidence & facts for your assertions.  What I have mostly seen are personal attacks, ad hominems & namecalling.

One possible result of Steve's & Jim's National Press Club appearance may be that the 9/11 Truth Phoenix may rise from the ashes even before an unwitting but vocal minority of naysayers (with the witting help of the 9/11 Cover-Up & Psy Op Perps) have completely burnt Scholars for 9/11 Truth to the ground.

I am supporting both Steve Jones and Jim Fetzer -- despite their mistakes; and they have both made mistakes.   I suggest that others & you do the same thing.

P.S. You say: "The question is what your intentions are."  Others & you will need to judge my intentions for yourselves.  As for your P.M./email, this thread is easier to find now than your email (LoL).  Sorry...

You still haven't answered my questions

and it looks like you never will.
The way you say i should bring up 'evidence & facts' makes me puke.
You are the one making totally ridiculous statements and not backing them up with a single piece of reference.
Thomas J. Mattingly, at best you are just an idiot. Judging from the way you express 'yourself' (well, how you express that fake character) suggests you are not. Which is even worse, in this case.

"Evidence & Facts" with Steve Jones & Jim Fetzer - January 10th

For those in the 9/11 Truth Movement who are still interested in 9/11 truth, facts & evidence, please join us in Washington at the National Press Club on or abouit January 10th (final date & acceptances from Steve & Jim published here at 911 Blogger -- when I get them).

P.S. em7: I have already published ALL of the answers, references & links in reply to your questions here at 911 Blogger.  Just do a search at 911 Blogger on my name (especially in the threads about the demise of Mike Ruppert & From the Wilderness).  When you stop your namecalling & personal attacks on others & me, then I may be more interested in exchanging private emails with you -- but not before.


Yea sure, now youre insulted and thats why you dont answer my questions. Good to know, i was already thinking that maybe you can't answer them without giving out how much you really know about all those things. Which is pretty much nothing, zero, null.

You are not doing a good job, TJM. You are as obviously a disinfo-pusher as it gets. You simply went to far with your statements. Should have been a bit more subtle, maybe. Your polite and pseudo-intellectual approach is not convincing at all.
Its time to change your name.

You claim "The National Press Club is the premier

media venue in Washington, DC".
From what you wrote before making the claim being the "premier media venue" doesn't appear to carry much weight.

Show ""GeorgeWashing" by Anonymous (not verified)
Show "GeorgeWashington aka Floum," by Anonymous (not verified)

George Washington, Since You Cannot Tell a Lie...

George Washington, since you cannot tell a lie, are you REALLY Steven Jones' attorney?

Is this why you have tacitly and otherwise encouraged personal attacks on all of those who don't agree with what Steven Jones and you would like 911 Blogger readers to know about 9/11? Unless disclosed, isn't your failure to disclose that you are Steven Jones' attorney kind of like a conf lict of interest with 911 Blogger readers, who may want to know the loyalties of their 911 Blogger moderators (even if they are good)?

The above comment says that you "registered on behalf of Schlund + Partners [A.G.], which is a registrant company associated with [mega-defense contractor] SAIC's VeriSign." Is this true?

What or who is "Schlund + Partners A.G.? Where are they primarily registered to do business? Isn't "A.G." one designation for a corporation registered in Germany?

If you own or control the and the Journal of 9/11 Studies websites, then don't you control a large amount of Scholars for 9/11 Truth? These websites are ST911's primary information portals to the world, and 9/11 truth and information are ST911's most important products. Are you the power behind the thrown at ST911? WHEN will you assign all of your rights in these websites to Scholars for 9/11 Truth?

Is ST911 a partnership between Jones and Fetzer? Or is it a membership association? Regardless, where is ST911 registered to do business?

What do Steven Jones and you know about beam weapons or directed energy weapons? Since we all know that directed energy weapons or beam weapons are REAL, despite what your attack poodles may say, how advanced are directed energy weapons? Were they researched and developed at Los Alamos National Laboratories? Did Steven Jones do any research at LANL related to directed energy weaponry?

Did you come up with the ridicule name of "Space Beams" to cover the reality of directed energy weaponry? Or do we have someone higher up in the food chain to thank for this?

Inquiring 911 Blogger readers and ST911 members want to know. And since George Washington cannot tell a lie, please tell us...

Boy-o, you have definitely

Boy-o, you have definitely outed yourself

Why these two, at this time? Why waste any legitimate press attention with a divisive theme, between one with sufficient scientific background to legitimize his theory and one who acts like he's all gee-whiz over his latest toy? Why would you not schedule informed people from a spectrum of disciplines who can bring various aspects of the "story" to light? Faux News turn you down?

I live nearby and attend events at the NPC. Yes, it provides valuable space and exposure to the press. No one within the 9/11 Truth community with legitimate intentions would consider this a worthy use of either.

Everyone on this site who can screw this pooch needs to get to work to make sure it never happens. I hope Dr. Jones doesn't reconsider.


This shit is ass-out pathetic and transparent as day.

Jones isn't going to fall for this and neither is anyone else.

Show "Connecting the dots ........................" by SaiGirl (not verified)

I think you're right about Jones

I think you're right about Jones declining the invitation. But, I predict he'll string everyone along until the last minute, just like he did for NYC events on 9/10/06. Jones won't go because he has a temper that he knows he can't control. He'd risk destroying that "innocent choirboy" image. Anyone who watched his November 11, 2006 webcast knows what I mean. They had to stop the questions because Jones was coming unglued. Nearly all of the questions were about the beam weapon article and Jones had no answers. None!

911blogger used to archive such events. I wonder why they've not archived this one and made it available. (If they did, you can bet they'd cut out the questions part. (I can't call it a Q & A because Jones had no answers!)

If Jones went to the National Press Cub appearance, just imagine what would happen if someone asked him about Los Alamos. He might end up looking like one of those toasted cars with spontaneous combustions. ;-)

warnings to Steven Jones

Could someone with good connections to Steven Jones please warn him about this Mattingly fake. If this hasnt happend already. Please do. Thank you.
A link to his claims should be enough.

em7, Steve Jones Already Knows More Than You...

em7, Steve Jones already knows more about me than you do (i.e. what I told you -- plus more).

However, I am sure that Dr. Jones thanks you for your concern (as do I).

Just stumbled on this, fumbling thru Google.

Presenting "9/11 Truth"... the movie....

A production of ... "The Los Alamos Network:

(Does anyone have anything official on Kubiak ?)

What is the statistical likelihood that the first "mass movement" packaged as "9/11truth", would be run by Los Alamos weapons developers ?
... duhhhh...

I mean ... demographically speaking, what would be the normal distribution for such an outcome ?

Don't look at me ... I'm as clueless as you ...

Dr Jim Fetzer Accepts Invitation to Speak at National Press Club

Following is Dr. Jim Fetzer's acceptance of our invitation to speak at the National Press Club.

Since Dr. Steve Jones had also requested to speak at the National Press Club, we expect to hear from Steve in the near future with his acceptance of our invitation (or a request for a date change).

As indicated in the above invitation, the mainstream media loves controversy.  The controversy currently brewing in Scholars for 9/11 Truth will help to draw more media coverage for 9/11 truths.

As our guest roster during our 43 years of existence will show to anyone who is interested, the McClendon Group of the National Press Club also does not shy away from controversy.

By January, Steve & Jim may again be presenting a semi-united front to those seeking 9/11 truths & justice.  Regardless, there is unity in our diversity.

22 November 2006 [JFK Assassination 43rd Anniversary - TJM] 


I hereby accept your kind invitation to address the group at The National Press Club on Wednesday, 10 January 2007.  I will make my own travel arrangements and such. 

I look forward to this event and hope that Steve will be able to join us.


cc: Dr. Steven E. Jones