Gordon Ross' WTC demolition presentation - June 8, 2007

Some people are reporting that the video freezes halfway through. Try going directly to video.google and refreshing if it locks up:


"Engineer Gordon Ross MEng. at the Indian YMCA, London on the 8th June 2007 discussing the collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001."

Some of the research presented by Ross is discussed in his article;

See? He really exists!

Thanks, Andy!

Hey folks, off topic, but

Hey folks, off topic, but check out this site, and vote to Impeach Cheney:


Its a shame it doesn't mention 9/11 or we'd post it...

Good info

Good info..but the video almost put me to sleep. Maybe add some star wars music to it or something.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

This presentation was FAR from a sedative...

In fact, I would say it's the best 25min (I wanted more) analysis of the towers collapse mechanism, kept me well awake anyway.

I have studied the towers "collapse" for over 20months solidly and reckon that you have the collapse mechanism pretty much spot-on (great info about core column accessibility, new to me)...

There is much video evidence / observation of the outer columns adjacent to the tower's corners being strategically targetted, which allowed large portions of the outer columns to fall away from the tower intact (i.e what fell on top of WTC6 and fell across the street to the WFC).


There is some excellent video of the north-west corner of WTC1 on YouTube...

i.e. researcher Xenomorph911's

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZeaW4ybejs

HQ Video Link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W2GNXB3D


Anyway, thanks for the excellent analysis Gordon Ross... Top job !!!

Best wishes

Sometimes research

Sometimes research can turn into an addiction. Whats the goal from all this research? Isnt it to push for a new investigation or are you folks so addicted to finding every little single fact that it consumes all your time and motivation to push for a new investigation?
I think there is way more than enough evidence in the public domain to justify another investigation. The longer we sit here and sift through the atoms, dust particles, leaning beams , trusses and CGI simulation videos etc...the longer it will take us to push this movement into the next phase, which is heavy activism.
I respect what you did in your research on the BBC WT7 flop 911veritas, but I think its time we get active ...and in a real big way.
There comes a breaking point to peoples vigilence to continue in this movement. Bogging us down with endless research will burn the enthusiasm right out of this movement.

Seems theres a concerted effort to do just that.

You heard Kucinich in the video recently posted by the Students of 911. he said he would have something in a couple of months. Another stalling game. Make another upbeat 911 movie and wow the troofers. Another stall technique. Research, research, research...even though we have enough facts to hang the bastards. Stall, stall, stall. I noticed this trend about 2 months ago.
Some would be happy if we are still researching 911 forty years from now like we are doing with JFK.
The stalling cant be more evident. Im sure alot of others see this too.
The emphasis of this movement should revolve and really push activism. Get out in the streets and wake people up. Research, movie making, seminars and talks aimed at the non beginners, are all time sinks. And time is something we dont have the luxury of, if they are planning another big one.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

The goal from all this research is to...

refine all the data into a solid, evidence based case against the perps and their supporting debunkers, I also use it to ultimately improve the quality of arguments and evidence I present to newcomers of 9/11 truth.

Whilst I agree that activism is VERY important and is really the only way we can help educate folks that are too busy to find out for themselves, not everyone discovers 9/11 truth that way.

I can only speak for myself, but something inside me after 9/11 knew there was a massive problem with this world and I wanted to find out more.

During my learning, I longed for quality research, like that is now coming out.

So yes, I agree with you somewhat, but just looking at your JFK argument where almost everyone (more than 90%) are aware of the "lone gunman sham", yet it still has not caused the real perps to brought to justice.

I'm really unsure why you're so anti-research, how can what Richard Gage does, be seen as stalling, when he meets with many architects and presents his research. The same goes for many other great researchers, who get up in front of the public to share the truth.

Anyway, I believe it's horses for courses and many do what they can to progress 9/11 truth, of course there are many that just want to supress it too.

The mainstream media is the nut that must be cracked.

Good luck and best wishes


The movement needs three things: analysis, activism, political action.

One thing to remember is what people still believe. The common person, even the informed common person, is still not aware that architects and engineers, who know their stuff and can apply it to the towers' destruction, can now demonstrate demolition. That represents analysis.

This video helps correct that. So it helps the activism. Activism definitely needs clear-headed analysis backing it up.

On to politics: If we get someone, anyone, to initiate investigation, it sure won't hurt to have expertly assembled evidence, as shown here to a great extent, in this video. It doesn't hurt to keep assembling evidence, IMO.

Action is maybe the most urgent now, agreed. But all three of these are required, even now, it seems to me.

Very well said Student...

Many thanks and best wishes

Yes I agree

Well put student. I agree with your points.
I do tend to lean alittle more to the activism side of this movement.

However, I do disagree with your statement 911veritas.

"refine all the data into a solid, evidence based case against the perps and their supporting debunkers, I also use it to ultimately improve the quality of arguments and evidence I present to newcomers of 9/11 truth."

I understand the substance of your statement but I think you need to set a goal to how much information you are willing to research. With the above statement, your task could last a lifetime.
If all the people that are "reasearching" join in the streets with the people that already are there, especially on the 11th of every month, it would quadriple the visable body count.
Its all about mass. One person standing on the corner with videos of the top researchers and other great 911 truth movies will do little to show the strength of the Truth movment. But if we had 5,000-10,000 people out in the every month, even with sloppy cardboard signs and hand held megaphones to push our movement, we would be leaps ahead of where we are now and in the near future.
The valid research has been done, enough to get an investigation going. Im hoping that the notables in our movment spend their time knocking on doors and phoning any media that will listen or any higher-ups that havent been corrupted, if there is such an animal.
If we dont move now, when will we? We need NUMBERS in the streets, or the research is just a waste of time.
Activlsm is the key to breaking this open.Howver, It relies on research to validate the purpose. But there needs to be a better balance. Im sure you will agree that there is far more progress in 911 research verses the progress of the activism.
The only true activists Ive seen or heard of so far has been local (me) and at Truthaction.org and wearechange.org. Of course there are probably others but those two seem to be the heavy hitters for our movement. We need more!!!
YT, bless his soul ,as been working his ass off with truthaction.org and his radio show.I think heros like him dont get the credit they deserve because they dont hang out in the forums as much as alot of us. Im just as guilty too.
Anyways, there needs to be a better balance is what my rant is about..I apologise for getting off topic and rambling on about activism.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Lemonhoko is correct

Yes, Yes , Yes to all the above.

I wonder how much longer we are going to research this also. And if we will just become another personality cult. You know, some people thrive off of debate for the thrill of being "right". If you spend your whole life debating how the burglar is stealing your jewelry, what kind of knife he's using to kill your wife, what he looks like, what did he get fingerprints on, etc.

You're still left with a crime at the end of the day.

Thanks for the link

But if you read the comments, it kind of proves my point. 100% agreement out of 12 comments that it was an inside job and demolition etc. Not one negative OCT post out of 12.
But why arent those numbers translating into activism numbers? Seems we are all trained to wait for the "next" video,,,then the next and so on.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Gordon Ross a hero in the Info War! Thanks!

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

Elevator shft falling during tower collapse?


Gordon speaks about the columns adjacent to the elevator shafts being weakened first as they are the strongest columns--- followed by the outter "core" columns. Here we may actually see the elevator shaft collapsing after the core columns have been severed. I hope he takes a look at this one.

I enjoyed the hell

out of this video! The thing that touched my heart was in his closing statement.
"ARE WE GOING TO LET THIS STAND? Are we going to just shrug our shoulders ,and walk away?"

did I miss that?

How long is the version you are referring to? The version available here now is 25:22. It ends abruptly, mid thought.


..you must have. It was on the supplied link.

Mòran taing, Gordon. Tha

Mòran taing, Gordon. Tha sin glè mhath!

These folks may know something of the elevator riders:


"ACE built the elevator systems in the World Trade Center and until September 11, 2001 had been their sole servicer, from which it derived 90 percent of its revenue."

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


This is the time for anyone involved with the overhaul of these elevators (in any manner) to speak up. Perhaps ACE had nothing to do with the delivery of the demolition elements, but perhaps they were the vector. Not one Ace worker was killed in the 9/11 event despite the fact that close to 80 were in the towers that day, many helping to open the elevators for those caught inside. Contact the folks at ae911truth.org, or just speak out.

What About The Detonator Cord Flashes ?!!

Damn!! Excellent presentation but I just wish he would have covered the detonator cord flashes in all 3 Towers.



Watch out bedunkers! Frankenstein's monster is going to pawn you!

Excellent presentation.



Help me shout 9/11 articles on:



He looks like a tough guy who would make for an excellent debater.




Help me shout 9/11 articles on:


verifying dinisntergration of top segment first

At 18:15 of the video, Gordon Ross shows stills of the top segment disintergrating first, and therefore NOT dropping as a piece on the intact structure below. I believe that these photos are accurate and have sent the video to friends who believe the "official story." I fully expect my friends to cling to the official story and to say that the photos have been altered. Can someone suggest how I can verify to them, that these photos of the top disintergrating first are, in fact genuine and reliable. Thanks.

Thanks Reprehensor

This was awesome. I wonder if getting more of these experts together,such as the controled demo expert from the Netherlands (among others) Would produce more answers? Or at least plausable theroies.
I really believe that the next step in our quest for the truth is to unite all the experts, making a video to challenge those paid for goverment experts....unpopular mechanics,NIST, an all others. I know we have Dr. Ray Griffins book out(which is awesome) ,but i mean a video to insult them into accepting the challenge. A weekend event so damn big it would have to draw some media attention.Could we get some hollywood star backing? The biggest hurdle is major media exposure. It does'nt take a genius to figure out the official story is BULLSHIT.


What perhaps is needed is a report like the 9-11 report, in a way a mirror image, spelling out the storyline and the details. It is scary to think that some are calling for an end to this type of research. This, I would think, is just what the Bush administration would want.

A substantial contribution to the 9/11 case

Congrats' and thanks, GR!