Obama Pardons Turkeys

In a tired old tradition Obama has pardoned two turkeys for Thanksgiving that go by the saccharin appellations of Cobbler and Gobbler. Obama was quoted as saying in a not funny joke, jokes that poke fun at the unjustly dead are never funny, : “the American people have spoken, and these birds are moving forward!” This, according to the reporter was "in a reference to his campaign slogan of 'Forward.' " What the fatuous Dallas News (dot) Com reporter failed to mention is that this self same "Forward" was Obama's weasel worded mantra to fend off questions regarding criminal acts by the Bush/Cheney regime. It seems that Obama is trying to "take back" this vulgar phrase by putting a different and positive spin on it and by mentioning it over and over in order to relegate the initial utterance into obscurity.

Other not funny jokes: Bush's Correspondents Dinner search for WMD's and Obama's threat to use Predator Drones on the Jonas Brothers, both vulgar and tasteless. Anyone know any good Hiroshima jokes?

Have a good holiday everyone and to justice: avanti