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Should Wikipedia matter?

As someone belabored, truthers haven't been able to even add a link to a WTC 7 collapse video to Wikipedia's WTC 7 article, and I decided to try to do something about it. Here's Wikipedia's WTC 7 page:

Interestingly, the WTC 7 article has been selected as

"a current featured article candidate. A featured article should exemplify Wikipedia's very best work, and is therefore expected to meet several criteria." (see the discussion page)

Anyway, I added this to the section entitled "Collapse":

There are numerous resources for viewing the collapse of 7 World Trade Center on the Internet, including [ Google Video].

I also added a link to a Google video of WTC 7's collapse to the External Links section.

Finally, to test the waters, I added NIST's statement that "No steel was recovered from WTC 7" to a relevant section.