An Operation of False Flags

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

September 11th, 2001 could prove, in the end, to have been another in the long list of False Flag Operations for the history books, the jury is still out. However, there is precedent for more False Flags to come since the events of that horrible day…

False Flag Operations have played into world politics for decades if not centuries, igniting fear upon a citizenry to create a fervent patriotism among its countrymen in order to incite nations to war. The Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, the Reichstag Fire and the unexecuted Operation Northwoods, are just a few broadly known, factual, and well-documented False Flag Operations in our History.

Those examples, to most, are familiar, but what is a False Flag Operation exactly?

“False flag Operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities”.

And “False Flag Operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time”.

Jack Blood denied passage on Delta to attend Bowman Event in Atlanta

We missed you Jack, but the event was a great success anyway.........BOYCOTT DELTA!

By Jack Blood

I often wish that I was born 100 yrs earlier. In fact I have had the nagging feeling that I was birthed into the wrong time channel most of my life. Back in 1999 a disciple of Edgar Cayce wrote a book about reincarnation, in which she contemplates if I was a 19th century French Poet. Possibly Charles Baudelaire. I never took much stock in it and never had the proof I needed to be sold on reincarnation. I shrugged it off. Still I couldn't feel more out of place in the Brave New World of 2007.

Today I tried to catch a flight from Austin TX to Atlanta GA and was denied by a chubby Chinese Delta airlines supervisor (I will call him Harry Fong) because I didnt have a "Government issued ID" . I have flown many times in the past without ID, but never on Delta who for whatever reason have a non negotiable policy on flying without ID. Fong seemed a bit too happy about the outcome, and his eyes lit up a little to much when saying "Government Issued ID."