Omar Saeed Sheikh Disinfo Goose Chase?

Someone presented the video below as a "good video". Maybe we need to actually watch it. It's riddled with inconstancies and apparent disinfo.

This video seems to me to be soooo entirely full of inconsistencies and contradictions.

1. What is the damn guys name? Look at the papers they flash...I saw this many names presented...

a. Omar Saeed Sheikh
b. Sheikh Saeed
c. Shaykh Said
d. Shaykh Saiid
e. Sheikh Said
f. omar saeed sheikh
g. (hard to make out) la times: Sheii aka Shaykh Saiid
h. ahmad umar sayed sheikh

2. Evidence of ISI Connection (or lack of)

a. main evidence "because saiid said so" to the arresting policeman in india that he was ISI member

b. some un-named Indian looking lady says he got assistance and protection by ISI after he was released and went back to Pakistan (again, because she said so)