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LONDON: Double Screening of 'The Elephant in the Room' - Sunday 4th May

There will be a double screening of the award-winning* documentary 'The Elephant in the Room' on sunday the 4th of May at the Arcola Theatre in Hackney, London. It will be screened at 4pm and then at 7pm.

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*the film recently won Best UK Documentary at the London Independent Film Festival

Elephant in the Room wins Best British Documentary!!

Hello to all of our Friends. Last night The Elephant In The Room was
awarded Best British Documentary at the London Independent Film
Festival. The two award categories were international and British
documentary. We picked up The UK prize and 2nd Verse
http://www.2ndversefilm.com a fantastic film picked up best
international documentary
We would like to thank the festival Organizers for honoring us and once
again thank anyone who came along on Monday.

If you have been invited to the Friends/Family Premiere on the 26th
(Next Saturday) then please RSVP to rsvp(at)nosmokewithoutfire.co.uk

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Review: Independent Film Festival 2008 - BFI London - The Elephant in the Room

A review of "The Elephant in the Room" a documentary by Dean Puckett on the 9/11 Truth Movement and First Responders screened at the Independent Film Festival - BFI London 14th April.

Somehow, amidst important stories like Britney Spears' custody battle and Amy Winehouse's social life, the mainstream media have missed the biggest cultural phenomenon of the 21st century - the 9/11 Truth Movement. From the first day, when radio show host Alex Jones screamed into his microphone that he had been predicting the attack for months (and that it was the US government who was responsible), through the following years when academics, scientists and engineers began to line up under the banner, right up to the present day - a movement of people of all ages and political persuasions which now number hundreds of thousands if not millions believe the official story of 9/11 is a lie. The Elephant in the Room is a film which tells their story.

Making an Elephant

Making an Elephant

The first documentary I made was called ’26 Miles and Running’, which was about my father running the New York Marathon, 8 weeks after 9/11. I was just 19 years old when I filmed it and have continued to make documentaries and short fiction films ever since.

My documentaries have always dealt with sections of society that are being marginalised or received negative press i.e. the elderly, people living with HIV, and fox hunters in Britain to name a few.

You can watch one here :

After seeing some of my work on the Internet a ’9/11 Truth’ group from East Anglia in Middle England contacted me asking if I would like to make a documentary about them hanging banners over motorway bridges that read ’Investigate 9/11’. I agreed finding the whole thing slightly amusing at the time that a group of people in England would do something like that.

The Elephant In The Room @ The London Independent Film Festival

'The Elephant In The Room' has been selected to be screened at the London Independent Film festival
Check out the festival program and schedule here http://www.londonindependent.org

It will be screened at 2pm in Screen 2 at the BFI on the south bank on Monday, April14th.

If you are In London then Please show your support.


Its nice and cheap so please show you're support and come along if you can.

You can purchase tickets at the link below

We are currently trying to get into festivals in The US and get an American tour going with the film so watch this space



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The Elephant in the Room - Trailer and Website

Six and a half years after the tragedy of 9/11 the psychological impact of this catastrophic event has had reverberations across the globe that still linger in modern society's mind like a bad dream.

The Elephant In The Room follows filmmaker Dean Puckett as he examines the cultural impact and paranoia that the events have had on British Culture; from the Truth Movement hoping to disseminate the evidence of the day, through Muslim psyche in modern Britain culminating in the return to New York on the 6th anniversary, to see a nation torn apart by its Governments lies and deceit over what exactly happened on the day. We are exposed to the silent shame of America; the 9/11 first responders, thousands of whom are suffering from respiratory illness and disease after their valiant efforts to aid in the emergency.

We Are Change UK: Radio Show 11

Todays show features:

An interview with author and campaigner Annie Machon. Annie elaborates on the question she posed to Sir Richard Dearlove regarding i-ops (stories deliberately placed in the media and manipulated by the secret services)

An interview with money reform expert Peter Challen

The Elephant in the Room: Dean and Toseef ask folk on the street what they think about the 'War on Terror'

An interview with world famous peace campaigner Brian Haw

Plus music

The show goes out 6pm - 7pm GMT on Resonance 104.4 FM today (live stream)

Should you miss the show it will be made available in the archive later today

mp3 here 57mins

We Are Change UK: Radio Show 9

Another of our shows went out on London's Resonance 104.4 FM yesterday

It featured:

The Elephant in the Room: Dean visited the recent Global Peace & Unity Event to gage Muslim opinion on the attacks of September 11th 2001

What the Papers Don't Say (Football Special): Irreverent discussion

An interview with mechanical engineer and contributor to the Journal of 911 Studies Gordon Ross

Plus music

Listen to an mp3 of the show here (60 mins)

We Are Change UK: Radio Show 8

Todays show features:

'The Elephant in the Room' Dean talks with first responder John Feal
Mykal and Mohsin discuss 9/11 and The Propaganda Model
Toseef talks with Dylan Avery about Loose Change Final Cut
Plus music

The show goes out 6pm - 7pm GMT on Resonance 104.4 FM Click here

Should you miss the show it will be made available in the archive later today Click here

[EDIT] Here is the actual link for an mp3 of the 8th show: Clicky