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False Flag Terror: The Case for Civil War in Iraq

All of you know about the bloody mess that Iraq is today .
Last week alone more than 1000 Iraqis were bombed to death.

I can not rule out that the terror was totally authentic these days, as Sunnis and Shiites are confronted in hate.
But there are serious hints that the civil war was originally created by the occupation troops.

You say that is an outlandish claim? Not so fast.

Let's go through this step by step.

The Motive- or Cui bono?

Listen to what Daniel Pipes has to say, one of the leading NeoCons:


The eruption of civil war in Iraq would have many implications for the West. It would likely:


Reduce coalition casualties in Iraq. As noted by the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Rather than killing American soldiers, the insurgents and foreign fighters are more focused on creating civil strife that could destabilize Iraq's political process and possibly lead to outright ethnic and religious war."


So the occupation troops do have a motive in creating civil war. Keep in mind that the real goal was not "victory", whatever that means, instead it was occupation of the Iraq oil from the beginning.