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"The terrorist attacks on the United States of September 11th, 2001, and the ensuing disruption of North American commerce and travel have served as a reminder of the vulnerability to terrorism our three interdependent nations share. The ability of our societies to persevere and adapt to the 21st century security environment will depend on the degree to which we can extend our fruitful collaboration in the economic sphere to the domain of North American security. Future security arrangements need to be adaptive as well as anticipatory to provide an enduring environment within which the economic and cultural dynamism of North America can be sustained."

- Quote from the abbreviated agenda of the "North American Forum"

CEOs, NORTHCOM, and current and former members of the Canadian, Mexican and American governments are deciding how to transform their three countries into one entity, and you are not invited to join in the discussion.

9/11 has certainly accelerated certain aspects of this melding, especially the "security" part. Leader of the Canadian Action Party Connie Fogal, sees the roots of this drama starting with NAFTA:

Last night, Samuel Ettaro interviewed Fogal and Jerome Corsi about the North American Union, the parallels with the birth of the EU and the creeping police state. This is some damn good radio:

Fri., July 20, 2007

The Security and Prosperity Partnership launched by Bush, Fox and Martin was just an up-tick in a general trend of homogenization, and dissolution of sovereignty for the three nations involved in it. The architects of this plan are so spooked about the public having access to their meetings that they are going to set up a 25-kilometre security perimeter around the SPP meeting next month in Quebec.

Steve Lendman has just written a great introduction to the phenomenon here;

The Militarization and Annexation of North America

And of course, the Alex Jones crew has been on it for ages.

Big hats off to Ettaro for bringing together Fogal and Corsi for people to hear.