Larisa Alexandrovna.

Larisa Alexandrovna's first-hand account regarding WTC 7.

Some of you may know Larisa Alexandrovana aka lala_rawraw. She is a journalist for Raw Story, and her bailiwick is documenting how everything the Bush Administration has done in the last few years leads to some type of action against Iran. Anyway, when a lot of the BBC WTC 7 stuff was hitting this week, she started a thread on Democratic Underground. Her initial cautious reaction was that something had to be amiss with this video (being the questioning, thorough reporter she is), but what I found most interesting was her account from the street regarding that building. I have heard mixed statements about foreknowledge as to whether WTC 7 would collapse. Some people say it was a total shock. Others say that everyone knew it was going to fall. Here is a portion of what Ms. Alexandrovna had to say. This is not some internet crackpot. This is one of the best journalists on the planet.