Letter to Barack Obama

Writing Assignment For the Most Articulate

Fwd from Senator Karen Johnson:

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Your thoughts and feelings can be part of history forever!

Below is a press release for a new book, "Letters to President Obama." If you want to write a letter to the future president of the United States, please go to the website: www.letterstopresidentobama. com and send the editors your letter.

The success of this project depends on "getting the word out." The editors will choose 300-500 great letters to include in this book. The goal is to get tens of thousands of submissions and the most moving, interesting, and though-provoking ones will make the cut for this book!!

So, please. . . .

1) Go to www.letterstopresidentobama. com and submit your letter for possible inclusion in the book (only if you are interested).

2) Forward this email on to everyone and anyone you know and suggest that they submit a letter.