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SPI's 'leaning tower' to be demolished


Ocean Tower

SPI's 'leaning tower' to be demolished

21 September 2009


SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Sept. 21 - Ocean Tower, the 31-story building dubbed by many as the “leaning tower of South Padre Island," is to be demolished.

The 158-unit skyscraper, situated on the north end of the island, was sinking slowly into the sand.

The tower will be demolished, probably in mid-November, through implosion by Controlled Demolition, Inc., the company that set a Guinness World Record when it “imploded” the Seattle Kingdome.

“After careful consideration, we believe it is in the best interest of all parties involved, including the people of South Padre Island, to demolish Ocean Tower,” said Ocean Tower, LP, in a prepared statement.

The WTC 7collapse series: meet Mark Loizeaux.

Meet Mark Loizeaux. Mark Loizeaux runs a company called Controlled Demolition Inc.
Most of his handiwork have been shown on TV. he is a specialist in the field of Controlled demolition.
According to CDI website they do a lot more than Controlled demolition.
They do for example Forensic examinations on blast sites. They also work for the American Defence department and in fact they work for 5 different Government departments: Department of Defence (DOD), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of State.

He is what you might call the US department of Demolition and a such very connected to the US Elite. So it should come as no surprise that Mark Loizeaux was contacted few days after the attacks of 911 to help with the Crime scene investigation the removal of the WTV 7 steel and debris.

He did his job so well that only a piece of steel about 40x60 cm has survived.