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Newspaper: 9/11 conspiracy makes it onto town warrant

Victims' Family Member reports on 'Vote For Answers NH'

Vote For Answers NH has been covered for the third time in another major New Hampshire newspaper, now in the capital of Concord. Read the article here.

The group is $1,100.00 shy of meeting their campaign budget - all of which is going toward advertising / publicity expenses. Please donate what you can, $5, $10, $25 or more to help ensure the resolution for a comprehensive, fact-driven investigation passes in all 12 towns. As you can read from the latest article, with one of the Barnstead town's councilman calling the resolution "nonsense", we have to meet their insults by disseminating real information to the voters in any way we can. These actions represent exactly the kind of fight that moves our cause forward.

Go to to donate right now, and please comment on the article at the Concord Monitor's Web site: 9/11 conspiracy makes it onto town warrant.

Thank you all for every effort.

Manny Badillo

Stratford Gazette - exceptional coverage on 9/11 Truth & UW 9/11 Research Group

A staff reporter of the Stratford Gazette in Ontario, Canada, interviewed members of AE9/11Truth, Kitchener 9/11 Truth and the University of Waterloo 9/11 Research Group. The number of facts regarding the anomalies surrounding the events of 9/11 in this article is simply exceptional. Here's the article:

It would be greatly appreciated to send positive feedback to the reporter:

Moreover, this article strongly reinforces Elizabeth Woodworth's excellent paper regarding the media's response to the growing influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Rock Creek Free Press Call for 9/11 Related Articles

The Creek's take on the New Yorker cover.

Azar Cartoon

Rock Creek Free Press masthead

The August issue of the Rock Creek Free Press is on news stands now. View it here.

Cover stories this month include: "Green Party Picks Cynthia McKinney", "DC Anthrax Attacks", "FISA Compromise Violates Fourth Amendment" and many more.

We are soliciting articles now for the September special 9/11 issue of the Creek.
We are looking for original reporting, personal interviews, 9/11 research, and summary or overview pieces for the big September 9/11 special issue of the Rock Creek Free Press.

Send your articles and suggestions to: