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Press 9-11 Truth * Impeach * Devolution

“According to a July poll conducted by Scripps News Service, one-third of Americans
think the government either carried out the 9/11 attacks or intentionally allowed
them to happen in order to provide a pretext for war in the Middle East.”

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark - flyby@flybynews.com
December 18, 2006 - Press 9-11 Truth * Impeach * Devolution

Editor's Notes:

This issue is a whopper. Watch out for black holes. In the first item we cover an excellent review of the groundbreaking film, “9/11: Press for Truth.” The subsequent article is from Spain, detailing the same concern as one third of US Americans; concerns that a normal human civilization would re-investigate with “fresh eyes,” rather than continually misled from false flag operations. However the impeachment movement is growing, and someday real investigations will proceed. But for now, even progressives like Dennis Kucinich, is waiting for the people to lead on this issue. However, this issue contains the Kucinich announcment for running for US president in 2008, but there was no mentioning of learning a critical lesson from his last campaign. He joined the campaign after Howard Dean was recognized by many as an anti-was candidate; and by competing with one another, Kucinich was part of the equation that helped to nominate a central war-voting candidate, John Kerry.