Republican Debate

Reporter arrested after Republican debate


Reporter arrested after Republican debate

Nick Juliano

Published: Wednesday June 6, 2007

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A reporter advancing 9/11 conspiracy theories in a heated exchange with advisers to Rudy Giuliani was arrested following Tuesday night's Republican debate.

Police in Goffstown, N.H., confirmed to RAW STORY that freelance reporter Matt Lepacek was arrested for trespassing following the debate at St. Anselm College in Goffstown. Lepacek was asking a Giuliani adviser about comments the former mayor made on ABC News on Sept. 11 that some say show he had foreknowledge that the World Trade Center would collapse.

Police refused to release more information about Lepacek's case prior to his first scheduled court appearance July 3.

Fox's Fair and Balanced Debate: Guiliani or Romney (pay no attention to Paul)

Fox News is clearly worried about the recent national success of Ron Paul. They begin the debate, by inserting the false notion that candidate order has a place within their format. They state that the order of the candidates on the stage is random. This statement while possibly true, is completely irrelevant if all candidates are not asked the same question, in order. By asking specific questions, in a non linear order, Fox News negates the importance of order all together. Yet they state that it is random, as if it matters in this format. Is that fair or balanced?

Moving on, they clearly ignored the “second teir” candidates the entire “debate.” Guiliani got far more questions, as did the other “front runners.” Is this fair or balanced?

Finally, in rare moments of true fairness, Fox News allowed candidates to respond if mentioned in a response, except for Ron Paul. As soon as Paul was mentioned, they cut to a commercial and did not allow him to respond. Again, fair or balanced?