Rudy Giuliani

Isn't that odd?

Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall said that "specifically on terrorist attacks, there was no sense of awareness" at the highest levels of the administration and "no discussion of the WTC."

Asked if the '93 bombing ever came up, Weinshall, who later became transportation commissioner, said, 'No. Isn't that odd?"

From Wayne Barret, "Grand Illusion", page 106ff


Now, what does this mean? We have Mr. Law & Order, who profited from the fear back than and now with his career and business,
and hell, he does not even adress the FBI WTC93 terror attack at any time in his term?

There are two possibilities: He is so incompetent that he just forgot to adress this issue (this little WTC bombing only killed 6 and injured about 1000 people)
Or: He was on this from the beginning, no need to adress the terror.

Whatever. It fits to the same pattern we could see everywhere when it comes to terror and its investigation before 2001.

Rudy Giuliani Seeks Support For '08 Run From 9/11 Family Members




December 27, 2006 -- Supporters of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani have started discussions with relatives of 9/11 victims about backing him if he runs for president in 2008, some family members told The Post.

The conversations have taken place in recent weeks, according to some victims' families, who described the talks as "casual."

Marian Fontana, who lost her firefighter husband on 9/11, said she got an invitation to go to a Giuliani exploratory committee dinner last week from a former firefighter working with Giuliani's committee. She described the invite as "last-minute."

Fontana said she was appreciative of what Giuliani did after 9/11, but would want to know a lot more about any candidate's stand on a variety of issues.

"I feel like I'm not ready to endorse," said Fontana, who added, "I could see why [Giuliani supporters] would want to reach out to family members."

Lee Ielpi, a former firefighter who lost his son in the attacks, said he discussed backing the former mayor with Larry Levy.