THE NATION Magazine Survey - Tell them to cover 9/11

Friday, December 19, 2008
SURVEY: Tell THE NATION magazine to Start Covering 9/11

From: Katrina vanden Heuvel
Editor & Publisher, The Nation

Dear Friend,

What issues are the mainstream media ignoring?

What are The Nation's reporting goals for 2009?

More at Gators911Truth Blog:

Video Survey - "...Would you look at the evidence?"

"If 1,000 architects and engineers said that they had proof of explosives in the buildings, would you look at the evidence?" <---Third Question.
On August 6th, I conducted an informal video survey with 27 people. I asked three questions. Read the "(more info)" on the YouTube menu to find out details of the survey.

Part 1 of 2 - SURVEY 1,000 architects & engineers

Part 2 of 2 below the thread

Part 2 of 2 - SURVEY 1,000 architects & engineers

I am always amazed at the HUGE number of people who know about the 9/11 cover-up.
If you are active on the streets with 9/11 Truth, then you know what I am talking about… a LOT of people know!

Less than 25% of Muslims blame al-Qaeda for 9/11 attacks

A comprehensive survey by World Public of the University of Maryland reveals that a large number of Muslims don't buy the official story of 9/11. They also reject, overwhelmingly, violent attacks on civilians. Many of them feel that the US is out to weaken and divide Islam in general, and this affects their views on "al Qaeda", reflected in the graph below;

What the hell is "al Qaeda" anyway? Nafeez Ahmed's answer here.

I borrowed the headline from Big News

DCCC Surveying What they Should do in their First 100 Hours

100 Hours Legislative Survey -

Your input on the issues that are most important to you will help us formulate our strategy and guide our work in the first weeks of the new Congress.
What other issues would you like the 110th Congress to take up in the first 100 Hours?

Take a few minutes to send in your 2 cents as to what the new Congress should really be working on.

Thanks Randy for the suggestion!

9/11 Survey

To better understand the psychology behind 9/11 denial - that is, the psychology behind those who still believe the official fairy tale about 9/11 - I'm doing a survey. The survey seeks responses both from people who do and those who do not believe the official version.

If you're not sure why psychology may be important to spreading 9/11 truth, watch this interview with Watergate-whistleblower and former White House counsel John Dean; and see this essay.

I am not a psychologist or sociologist. However, I know some very high-level folks in these fields who are 9/11 truthers. Once I compile the data, I'll get it to them, so that they can figure out whether there is a more effective way to reach the large sector of the American public who still buys into the 9/11 fairy tell as told by the 9/11 Commission.

This survey is totally anonymous. Email your responses to, and I will destroy the personal information and email after I count your response data. You can always use a one-time webmail address to send me responses. (Please don't post your responses below, as this will probably lead to a childish thread. Instead, please limit this thread to comments about the survey questions themselves,and the worth of gaining psychological and sociological insight into people who accept the 9/11 Commission's story.)