Mr. Tarply-
How could you? After gaining so much respect for you I have absolutely lost all of it in the last week. First the whole fiasco with the Kenenbunkport Warning. At first I was not really sure what to think. Who is lying who is not lying (we are always trying to figure this out WHO IS LYING), but after listening to your little outburst the other night and your assault on the great people at TRUTHACTION.ORG, I know who is lying.........it is you Mr. Tarply. Cosmos is the hardest working activist in this movement and how dare you call him cointelpro. That is bull shit Mr. Tarply you are lying.
You make me sick now, you got very personal with your attacks on Cosmos too. A scumbag move if I have ever seen one. If I may ask who do you really work for? What are your real intentions? Are you trying to divide the truth movement? What is all this talk I hear about LaRouche?