ted gunderson

SENIOR AGENT In Charge Of The F.B.I Los Angeles: PRIOR Knowledge

Mr. Gunderson had 700 people under his command at the Los Angeles Division of the F.B.I. with an
Annual Budget of $22.5 Million. He describes the absolute evidence he had documenting that the F.B.I.
had PRIOR Knowledge about 9/11 and did nothing to prevent it.


9/11 - Oklahoma City - Same bombs used?

Did 'Barometric Bomds' take down both the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center Complex in New York?
Was 9/11 a carbon copy of Oklahoma City?

"Just substitute Osama bin Laden and al Queda for Timothy McVeigh and 'the militias' - 'hijacked' planes for a truck full of fertilizer, and the World Trade Center in NYC for the Murrah Building in Oklahioma City. The one difference key was there was no Internet to speak of back in 1995 to get out the word and organize a truth broad based truth movement."

1:00:40 minutes into the video: What is a barometric bomb?