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9/11 Truth Movement Trying to Co-opt the Occupy Movement?

Edited 8/15/12 to remove unintended repetition and fix other errors.

Please spread to individual Occupy movement supporters, affiliated groups, websites, and forums.

This is a plea for the Occupy movement to drop any preconceived notions about, and take careful consideration of, forming an alliance with the 9/11 truth movement, specifically the OccupyBuilding7.org campaign, (an offshoot of the RememberBuilding7.org campaign) that is spearheaded by 9/11 family members.

Counter to cries that "9/11 truthers are trying to co-opt the Occupy movement" for our "own fringe uses," these issues are arguably inescapably intertwined and 9/11 truth is far from fringe anymore. I'll start with the latter.