Weidlinger report

Weidlinger Simulation of the Tower 2 Collapse has been “cracked”

In March 2007, blueprints of the WTC Towers finally became available due to release of materials by a whistleblower who asked to remain anonymous. On the same disks of data were found “coded” or essentially unreadable simulations relating to the Tower 2 collapse. In a paper published today in the Journal of 9/11 Studies, Michael H. presents results of his “cracking” of the Weidlinger files and code.

The author writes: “"POVfiles" is in reference to the fact that the output of this simulation software is in POV-Ray format, and that "1780msTO1880ms" is in reference to the output models being 1780 milliseconds to 1880 milliseconds after the initiation of collapse. Problems quickly arose because POV-Ray would not open them, and they were too large to be opened in most text editors, but I was eventually able to get them to work. On this page, you will find my report on the model renders, followed by a render walkthrough, should you desire to render these 3-d models yourself…. The model contained in the files sent to Dr. Jones is quite detailed; the geometry is the output of Weidlinger Associates' Flex simulation of the World Trade Center Two collapse.”