Traitor Kos

Traitor Kos (rhymes with Trader Joe's)

Left Gatekeeper: (noun) Someone who pretends to be liberal or progressive in order to achieve credibility and a following among those holding views considered liberal or progressive. They then use their influence to discourage discussion or consideration of any information or ideas damaging to the ruling class, such as the truth about 9/11, thus drawing an artificial line that people will avoid crossing and controlling discussion of things that actually matter and could disrupt the status quo. Examples: Noam Chomsky, Arianna Huffington, Michael Moore, Amy Goodman, and of course, the Daily Kos.


From the Daily Kos FAQ:

Controversial 9/11 Diaries

DailyKos accepts that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by agents of Al-Qaeda. It is forbidden to write diaries that: