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"Confronting the Evidence" just *showed up* in my mail one day last June. After letting it sit for a couple of weeks I popped into into my player and then sat rivetted for the next three hours. When I saw Building 7 drop so quickly, so symmetrically, I knew it was imploded.
After Katrina I moved to upstate NY, then to Delaware, then to Denver, then to Vancouver, B.C.
This past year has been enlightening and alternately inspiring and discouraging. I observe an American citizenry incapable of engaging in the quality of dialogue necessary for a functioning republic. Recently I've come to the realization that the United States of America, as I once thought of it, is done: it is now a corporatocracy and the most hated nation on earth, with good reason. Too many of its citizens are asleep and intent on fighting to stay that way.
Each one of us must choose what we consider to be the best way of addressing this abysmal state of affairs. For reasons partly of disgust, protest, and protection, I am leaving for good. Yet I will continue to participate vigorously in the 911 Truth initiative and respect your decision to fight from here if that's what you decide. The writing on the wall is impossible for me to ignore, and I'll never accept a National I.D. Card. Namaste.

New Orleans, La.