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My name is Caroline and I live just outside of London. I am self employed in real estate aged 46 with a 22 year old daughter and living with my partner of 5 years, we all share the same views with regards to 911 and 7/7 and our respective governments. I have been following the 911 situation for a few years, the things I learnt have changed my life. I find all decisions I make now are based around this new knowledge.
I have decided to quit the UK and move to Goa, I doubt very much that I would have made this decision prior to this knowledge.
I try and educate most people I come in contact with, it's not easy, most find it difficult to comprehend that our own governments could or would commit such crimes. Those who do decide to look for themselves soon realise that life is not as it seems and most hopefully pass the message on.
I have decided to carry films about with me as I find people easier to convince of the truth once they watch a film. As I will be retired in Goa I intend to spend more time trying to open peoples eyes and convincing them to at least take a look at the things I am saying . I fully believe that it is only by opening others eyes and starting a chain reaction that there is a chance of a future for our children and grandchildren.