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Cleveland 911 Campaign on the radio today

The Show went GREAT and we are very pleased with the reaction on the phone lines during and after the show. If you missed the show check it out here.

or go to, program guide and click on the archive link for the "Domestic Decay" radio show with Stella and AP Magee.

As many of you know I am a very busy patriot and a founding member of the Cleveland 911 Campaign group and have been taking part in outreach efforts all over the Cleveland, Ohio area since March of this year. We have not been told the truth about 9-11-01 and the Victims Families and the 911 First Responders have called the 911 Commission Report a 571 page lie. 70% of the Family Steering Committees questions were not answered. We encourage you to investigate for yourself as we have spent the time researching and know what you will find.

Our work is really starting to pay off, today at 6PM - 730PM I will be a guest along with a couple of my colleagues on Case Western Reserves radio show called “Domestic Decay” with Stella & AP Magee.

The FM radio frequency is 91.1 or you can tune in online at

Better late then never, 911 Action on the 11th!!

Hey Truthers, finally finished a short video of my contribution to the 911 Yard Sign Campaign and Action on the 11th. Better late then never, hope this is informative and inspirational to all.

For those of you interested in the FBI link referenced to in the video and sign here is it for your convenience:

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Doublespeak creates world where truth is hard to discern
Doublespeak creates world where truth is hard to discern
Monday, November 27, 2006
Calvin Woodward
Associated Press

Washington- The government's annual accounting of hunger in America reported no hunger in its last outing. Instead, it found "food insecurity."

Likewise, no one is even considering retreating from Iraq. "Redeploying" out of there is, however, an option.

In Washington, words are a moving target that conceal at least as much as they reveal. Doublespeak runs through the discourse on Iraq, terrorism and domestic matters to a point where it's hard to tell what is going on.

The libertarian Cato Institute recently took on the rising tide of fuzzy words in the fight against terrorism, arguing that whatever people think of what the government is doing, it would help to understand what the government is doing.

That is no easy task when the administration offers tortured definitions of torture and describes suicide by captives as "self-injurious behavior incidents."

Man, Freedom and Government

Here are some videos that I have uploaded to the internet recently. Very informative and a MUST SEE for EVERY AMERICAN.

Man, Freedom and Government

Originally released in 1968 as a filmstrip, was written and narrated by the late Ezra Taft Benson. This 2005 edition of "Man, Freedom, and Government" incorporates video to meet current viewing standards and has been edited slightly for length. Artistic license was taken in selecting recent events to depict the presentation's timeless principles. Ezra Taft Benson is best remembered for his distinguished career in government and his extensive religious service. Starting in 1953, he served eight years as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in the Eisenhower administration and was widely recognized as a staunch anti-Communist. As secretary, he worked to reverse the wartime increase in government control over farming, winning significant legislative victories despite intense political opposition.

911Blogger/Podcast up on YouTube!!!

Hey everyone, I have pulled together some time in the last few weeks to upload all the 10 minute and under clips of video from the 911podcasts and uploaded them on to YouTube here.

I have also been working through my 320gig collection of stuff from over the past 4 years. I've got 200 and counting uploaded at this point. I'll keep plugging away when I have the time.

Check it out and spread the word far and wide. Send in emails, embed to your sites, do what ever you have to do to get these out there.

My other site is

Fellow truther,

911 Activism at the World Can't Wait Protests in Cleveland, Ohio. October 5th, 2006

911 TruthSeekers get their chance on the mic!

And made it in the Cleveland State University Student paper, 'The Cauldron' Picture and all!!!

Bushwhacked: World Can't Wait Rallies to Overthrow Bush By: Michelle McCafferty Issue date: 10/9/06 Section: News

Nick Chiro said he has been researching the events of Sept. 11 for four years and encourages others to do the same. Banners hung from Cleveland's iconic Free Stamp as protesters lined the street. Business people bustled by, many of them not so much as blinking an eye at the impassioned activists. "You don't want to know the truth!" shouted one protester after a woman refused his offering of a DVD entitled "Loose Change," a documentary that alleges government involvement in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. On Oct. 5, World Can't Wait, an organization dedicated to driving President George W. Bush out of office, held a public rally downtown. Setting up shop in tranquil Willard Park, located right across the street from the Federal Building on Lakeside Avenue, people milled around. Some simply observed, but others actively participated, clothed in anti-Bush attire and armed with myriad selections of literature like the People, a newspaper published by the Socialist Labor Party. Local reggae artist Carlos Jones commented on the bright, but windy day saying it was a sign that "the winds of change are blowing." He then performed a selection of songs including "I Can See Clearly Now (The Rain Is Gone)." Random speakers ascended the stage, each with his or her own reasons why Bush must be ousted from power. "We need to put an end to this phony war on terror," said a man who identified himself as Bernie Chay. "This is a call for the U.S. to be at peace with Iran." He went on to say that the U.S. should not prevent Iran from enriching uranium because the country uses it as a source of power for the betterment of the nation. Nick Chiro, a new member of World Can't Wait, said he has been researching the events of Sept. 11 for four years and it is important for Americans to seek answers and investigate government policies and motives for themselves. "I want to help expose the crimes of Sept. 11 and trace where the evidence truly points," said Chiro. "The 9/11 Commission Report is phony. The people who chaired the committee had many conflicts of interest, so I'm here to speak out for peace and encourage others to investigate for themselves, not just take the words, images and messages from the [Bush] administration or the mainstream media. The greatest form of patriotism is dissent and questioning." Patrick Minnich, an activist yelling at cars and speaking with passersby on Lakeside Avenue, said his main goal is to increase awareness of Sept. 11 and to help Americans realize what really happened. "This is the side you don't see on Fox News," said Minnich, while holding up the DVD "9/11 Mysteries." "[Fox News] is slanted toward one way. They've been talking about going to World War III for a long time now." The message, "Think - it's not illegal yet" was printed in white on his black t-shirt. "It's about the new torture bill just passed that puts people who protest in essentially the same category as terrorists," said Minnich. Several activists pleaded for an end to the capitalist system, which one speaker referred to as the greed-driven cause of war.

America: From Freedom to Fascism

A documentary that explores the connection between income tax collection and the erosion of civil liberties in America. Plus Mr. Russo ... all » explores the issue regarding RFID's. RFID's are not being used by the US Dept of Defense for all military personnelle. (see

Also, very important. The IRS tax scheme is being exposed. In March 2006 they filed an indictment against Mr. Lawrence. The IRS and DOJ didnt expect Mr. Lawrence to know his stuff. They dropped ALL charges two days before the trial. !!

See for yourself:

IRS Indictment: (PDF)

IRS Petition for Dissal: (PDF)

Robert Lawrence Updates:

Another case:

We need to support the efforts of the We The People Campaign.

As of today, it is NOT being shown in many theatres across the country. Call your local theatre and request that they show it!