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9/11 First Responders Toy Drive


Please consider donating a tax-deductible toy or two (or a financial donation) to the FealGood Foundation this holiday season.

Their annual 'Toy Drive' is underway! Please visit for more details.

From the Feal Good Foundation's website:

"So many heroes from 9/11/01 who risked their lives without prejudice, and are now gravely ill from their heroic actions have been financially ruined while trying to fight their 9/11 related illnesses and gain the benefits they so desperately deserve. These men & woman simply can not afford toys & presents for their children. It is our responsibility to assure these fallen heroes can share a holiday season with their loved ones, like all of us who are blessed enough to enjoy the holidays through out the year."

Donate now at, or send your toys to:

FealGood Foundation
144 Shenandoah Blvd
Nesconset, New York 11767

Chicago 9/11/09: Spaghetti Dinner Benefit for 9/11 First Responders and ABC Studios Street Action

What: Spaghetti Dinner Benefit for 9/11 Ground Zero First Responders

When: Friday, September 11th, 2009 5:00 - 10 PM

Bethlehem United Church of Christ
2746 N. Magnolia Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

TONS of food, lots of raffles and prizes, fun, community, and some special guests!

Some raffles and silent auctions include: U2 tickets!!, a piano ($650 value), gift certificates at restaurants such as 'the Signature Room at the 95th' (95th floor of the Hancock Center), Olive Garden and Goose Island, Caribou Coffee treats, assortments of beer and wines, $160 valued gift certificate to a hair salon, Art, photography, lots of sports memorabilia, Cubs and Sox tickets, and more..!!

The event starts at 5pm, and will go until 10pm.

ALL proceeds will go to the Feal Good Foundation

Over 800 9/11 Ground Zero First Responders have died since 9/11, and over 8,000 need immediate medical assistance.

7 out of 10 9/11 First Responders currently suffer respiratory diseases.

Please, come on out to support this wonderful event!!

Entry fee: $7/Adult, $5/Child, $20/Family

House Passes $70 Million For 9/11 Health Care

July 24th, 2009

Washington, D.C. – Representatives Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), and Michael McMahon (D-NY) today applauded the House passage of $70,723,000 in funding for the World Trade Center Health Programs for Fiscal Year 2010. The funding was included in the FY2010
Labor and Health and Human Services Appropriations Bill, which passed the House today. The lawmakers, along with Rep. Peter King (R-NY), are sponsors of the 9/11 Health and
Compensation Act (H.R. 847), which would provide long-term, comprehensive health care and compensation for those sickened or injured in the aftermath of 9/11.

“The heroes and heroines of 9/11 deserve a helping hand from the federal government –it’s the least we can do as a grateful nation. This $70 million in federal funding will keep the doors of 9/11 health clinics open until we pass comprehensive 9/11 health legislation, hopefully by the eighth anniversary of the attacks,” said Rep. Maloney. “I thank President Obama and my colleagues in the House for their continued support of the men and women who came to the aid of the country after 9/11.”

Senator Dick Durbin Says He'll Consider Terminating Bush's Declaration of National Emergency on 9/14/01

On March 24th, 2009, I wrote my Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois a letter regarding Bush's declaration of national emergency on September 14th, 2001.

Bush re-declared this State of Emergency 7 times, most recently on August 28th, 2008:

Notice: Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks

Consistent with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C.), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency I declared on September 14, 2001, in Proclamation 7463, with respect to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, New York, New York, the Pentagon, and aboard United Airlines flight 93, and the continuing and immediate threat of further attacks on the United States.

Because the terrorist threat continues, the national emergency declared on September 14, 2001, and the powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency, must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2008. Therefore, I am continuing in effect for an additional year the national emergency I declared on September 14, 2001, with respect to the terrorist threat.

New “Loose Change” Film To Be Released on September 22nd, 2009

Here is the official Press Release by Dylan and Crew:


Answers Revealed On September 22, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., APRIL 30, 2009 – Microcinema International DVD ( today announced the acquisition of “Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (;” the latest installment in the series from director Dylan Avery and producers Matthew Brown and Korey Rowe. “Loose Change” (2005) and the sequels have been viewed online over 100 million times worldwide and sold nearly two million cumulative units. “Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup” will be available exclusively on DVD September 22, 2009.

9/11 Truth and the Anti-War Community: Moving Forward Together

On November 22nd and 23rd, 2008, I attended the World Can't Wait organization's national conference here in Chicago. I was very pleased to meet Janice Matthews who was also in attendance. There were several opportunities to discuss issues that World Can't Wait should be addressing as we move forward into the Obama Administration. WCW is one of the few anti-war groups (I wish they would call themselves PRO-PEACE groups) that haven't drunk the Obama kool-aid, and are moving forward by holding Obama's feet to the fire.

Request For Discussion From the 9/11 Truth Community On Reaching Out To The Peace Movement

My fellow Truthers,

I went to United for Peace and Justice meeting this afternoon here in Chicago. There were about 25 people in attendance. It was an organizing meeting on the upcoming UFPJ National Assembly coming up on December 12-14 here in Chicago.

During the brainstorming discussion on what kinds of things people were wanting to see materialize at the upcoming Assembly, one gentlemen said that the numbers within peace groups across the country are generally diminishing. I spoke up, and invited UFPJ to broaden their platform and embrace the Movement for 9/11 Truth and Accountability. I emphasized the fact that our numbers continue to grow, not only with grassroots activists but with military officials, scholars, architects, engineers, etc.

My comments seemed to fall on deaf ears. One other person commented, and spoke about his bleak 9/11 Truth seminar that he conducted last year at the UFPJ National Assembly. A few others came up to me after the meeting and told me they supported 9/11 Truth. It was as though they 'had to remain closet Truthers' because UFPJ has ostracized the 9/11 Truth Movement. No one else commented on my invitation/proposal.

Obama's Speech To The Chicago Council On Foreign Relations from April 23, 2007

On April 23, 2007, Barack Obama delivered a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (a.k.a CFR).

Obama talked about 5 ways America will begin to lead again when he's President.

A few talking points included:

- Killing all those shadowy networks of terrorists that attacked the US on 9/11.
- Beefing up our military - "That’s why I strongly support the expansion of our ground forces by adding 65,000 soldiers to the Army and 27,000 Marines."
- A troop surge in Afghanistan.
- Looking to strike Iran - "we must never take the military option off the table"
- "Strengthening" NATO by urging other nations to deploy more troops around the world

A few excerpts from that speech read:


"The second way America will lead again is by building the first truly 21st century military and showing wisdom in how we deploy it."

Philip Zelikow: Confronted By Lone Lantern - Chicago 9/11 Truth Activists

Philip Zelikow was in Chicago on Wednesday, October 29, 2008. He spoke at the Chicago Council on Global Domination, um, I mean Global Affairs. This is another name for the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.

Lone Lantern - Chicago 9/11 Truth activists were there to accost him as he arrived.

After the confrontation, two activists infiltrated his speaking event and sat through his creepy speech on global governance. However, their cameras were prohibited and held at the front desk.


Noam Chomsky Votes For 9/11 Truth Candidate Cynthia McKinney

Although I understand some of you may not be fond of either of these people, the message of 9/11 Truth and peace is utterly important as you all know. The more exposure to the message of 9/11 Truth and accountability, the better.

Noam Chomsky votes for 9/11 Truth candidate Cynthia McKinney 2008.

U.S. Department of State Is Inviting "us" To Ask Them Questions About Our Foreign Policy

U.S. Department of State Is Inviting "us" To Ask Them Questions About Our Foreign Policy via YouTube video.

Watch the video, and follow their directions to submit your 9/11 Truth (or whatever) questions.

Although it may be unlikely that they will entertain 9/11 Truth questions, it's important for them to understand what we know and what questions we have.

-Rich F.

Chicago Firefighters Give An Excellent Interview With Lone Lantern - Chicago 9/11 Truth On 9/11/08

Chicago firefighters give an excellent interview with Lone Lantern - Chicago 9/11 Truth activists on 9/11/08.

In support of

Rich Fobes[Lone+Lantern+-+Chicago+9/11+Truth
Chicago IL