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Alex Jones speech at Webster Hall - 9/9/07 wearechange.org

Alex Jones gives a fiery rant just prior to the New York City premiere of his latest documentary "Endgame". Delivered at Webster Hall in the East Village on 9/9/2007 as part of the wearechange.org benefit for the first responders.


Proofs of controlled demolition on public access TV in New York

Starting on 3/20/2007, I will have a half hour weekly Tuesday show on Manhattan Public Access Cable TV. The first show on 3/20/2007 will feature Jim Hoffman's presentation and 5 proofs of controlled demolition of the WTC Towers. The video is taken from the documentary "9/11 Guilt: The Proof is in Your Hands". I also put together a minute intro describing the march toward tyranny in the post 9/11 world, and how 9/11 is used to justify everything.

Where: Manhattan
When: Tuesday 3/20/2007 at 10:00PM
Channel: 34 (Time Warner Cable), 83 (RCN Cable)

Improbable Collapse will be showing on Public Access in Manhattan

I know it is late notice, but I am putting Improbable Collapse on public access in New York City (Manhattan, to be exact).

A 58 minute, edited version of Michael Berger's Improbable Collapse will be showing on Manhattan's Cable Public Access TV (Manhattan Neighborhood Network). Following are the times and dates, whicn can be confirmed 7 days before the date of airing on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network website. I found out my air times from the director of programming.

Day: January 18th, 2007
Time: 5:00 PM EST
Channel: Time Warner channel 56 / 17, RCN channel 84
Watch Online Live: http://www.mnn.org/viewers/whatsonnow (Click on ch. 56 link on bottom left corner)

Day: January 30th, 2007
Time: 7:00 PM EST
Channel: Time Warner channel 34 / 78, RCN channel 83
Watch Online Live: http://www.mnn.org/viewers/whatsonnow (Click on ch. 34 link on bottom left corner)



Let's Kick Off the 9/11 Science Campaign...

Launching a 9/11 Science Campaign

The events of the 5th anniversary 9/11 weekend made it known to the Establishment that 9/11 truth is here to stay, and they are fighting back in full force. James Meigs and his Popular Mechanics propaganda engine have gone on a media tour, often appearing unopposed to scoff at "conspiracy theories".

In addition to our current level of activism, in addition to our street actions, we need to accelerate what we are doing in such a way as to completely neutralize media hit pieces. As the 9/11 media hit pieces increase and government/Establishment hired scientists and engineers are trotted out to explain the impossible, we need to bring a stronger degree of scientific credibility behind the controlled demolition thesis.

A recent Scripps Howard poll stated that 36% believed that it was at least somewhat likely that elements of the government were complicit in 9/11. We need the same to happen in the scientific community with regard to the suspicious collapses of the towers.

Let's initiate a 9/11 Science Campaign aimed specifically at scientists and engineers. Let's reach out to the scientists and engineers, the vast majority of whom probably have little or no memory of what the WTC collapses looked like, the vast majority of whom have probably never heard of WTC 7. Send them copies of "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?" and "Waking Up From Our Nightmare".

Why We Need a 9/11 Science Campaign:

1. To not do so would be to ignore the obvious - that fire does not cause a steel framed skyscraper to collapse symmetrically, shred itself into fine dust, create rivers of molten steel, and generate such intense fires and heat that persisted into the winter. It should not take a PhD to point this out, but in the infowar, it raises our stature in the eyes of the general public to hear an army of engineers coming forward.

2. It gives us an accelerated credibility that truly lets us leverage our efforts, especially compared to reaching out to the layperson.

3. To protect and validate the brave scientists and engineers who have already gone public. Engineers and college professors who speak out are being ridiculed and sometimes punished for their 9/11 beliefs. Clearly, the Establishment is trying to make an example of people who dare to challenge the official 9/11 fable. But they cannot do this to the 9/11 truth movement if professors speak out in much greater numbers. Cries of "conspiracy theory" by writers such as Alexander Cockburn will ring hollow against an army of serious scientists (not that he'll stop trying).

I graduated from an engineering school sometime ago (Cooper Union, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, 1999). I've started with my Alma Mater, in sending out a copy of Jones' paper to some of my professors, and encouraging them to take a closer look at 9/11, in the hopes that more will speak out. I implore everyone to do the same with universities and companies in the U.S. and abroad.