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Easily showing that Jim Fetzer is a fraud

I am posting this as a Blog entry so that it's more visible, since the original reply that I just posted to Jim Fetzer, is in the comments section of a topic that'll soon have disappeared from the main 911Blogger page. I want it to be more visible so that he sees it.

As someone of Fetzer's apparent intelligence, who pretends to be well researched, he couldn't honestly believe the non-evidence nonsense that he promotes, supports and propagates about the Pentagon, in an obvious, subversive effort to try to help destroy the work of real, honest, good intentioned people involved with 9/11 research and activism -- guilt by association being a primary motive. But not the only one.

9/11: Press For Truth - Local newspaper publishes my Letter To The Editor

The local newspaper where I live published my Letter To The Editor in the Friday, September 22, 2006 edition regarding 9/11: Press For Truth. The newspaper reaches at least a few thousand homes directly, and is also delivered to many public places and businesses, such as Libraries, government buildings, Hospital and medical clinics, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as being sold at all gas stations, most convenience stores and supermarkets, etc.

The Editor slightly altered the letter. But it's still very similar to the original in most respects. And it's prominently featured on the first page of the letters section, titled as I requested, so I have no complaints.

The following are two images hosted at ImageShack.

1. Screen capture of the original letter

2. Newspaper scan of the published version

Michael Smerconish email advertising his new book subtlely links 9/11 with Iraq

When MSNBC's Scarborough Country, being hosted by Michael Smerconish, recently had a couple 9/11 related guests on, I wrote Mr. Smerconish a message at his radio site email page and sent it to him no less than 10 times in a row.

The message was a strong request, urging Mr. Smerconish to have Professor Steven E. Jones as a guest on Scarborough Country, to present his hypothesis for controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers and World Trade Center building 7. At the time of the email, I was under the impression that Mr. Smerconish was the regular host of Scarborough Country. He hasn't taken up the request, maybe I should write the regular host.

Anyway. This morning when looking through one of my email addresses -- the email address used when sending the strong request to Mr. Smerconish -- I saw that since I entered my email address when sending the message, I must have been added to Mr. Smerconish's email mailing list. "Great!"

When reading the email, hoping that it was maybe Mr. Smerconish replying about my strong request to have Professor Steven E. Jones as a guest on Scarborough Country (or even his radio program), alas, I was disappointed to find that it was only him trying to build interest in his new book, and promote his 2006 Book Club season. Click here to read a screen capture of the email which contains: "Then came 9/11." Followed by the line: "While men like me rung their hands, Pantano re-enlisted. He ended up in Iraq."