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9/11 Newspaper Articles Found

Just recently a family member gave me two three-ring binders full of newspaper clippings they saved from the days and weeks following September 11th, 2001. Reading through them is very interesting since much of the official story has change since those days. There is a lot about the alleged cell phone calls, hijackers, and Barbra Olsen.

I've begun taking pictures of these articles with my 12 megapixel digital camera so others can read them, Some are now posted at our groups website

Feel free to download them and check them out for yourself. I don't think there is any new information here, one article does talk about one of the hijackers being drunk in Shuckums bar in Florida, another talks about 2 of the flight recorders being found (although officially only 1 was).

The Washington State 9/11 Investigators at the Olympia Anti-War Rally

The Washington 9/11 Investigators participated in an anti-war rally in Olympia, WA on March 22nd. We handed out quite a few DVDs and Architect & Engineer's for 9/11 Truth info cards. The anti-war community has gotten on board with our message since they helped us host a lecture with David Ray Griffin back in December. But there are still a few that haven't made the connection, a couple people wondered what 9/11 and Ron Paul had to do with peace and stopping the wars (members of our group were also helping out with a Campaign for Liberty table). We made our case to the unawakened and I think got their attention, still, it's hard to see people working towards the same goals but blind to the root cause of the problem, one person was almost appalled that we'd suggest mass murder by our government (and this at a anti-war rally??). Anyways, things went well. Our group is getting bigger and we are now officially a non-profit organization so we can get truth videos on the local public access TV, which should start in a couple of months. We've also got someone who runs an underground FM station in the area who's going to start airing 9/11 related programs.

David Ray Griffin in Olympia

Back on the 3rd the Washington 9/11 Investigators hosted a presentation by David Ray Griffin in Olympia, Washington. The event went over very well, and we had over 200 people in attendance. There was one debunker in the crowed who tried to interrupt a few times but Mr. Griffin is a pro at dealing with such people. By a show of hands most of the people in the audience hadn't heard a lot of the latest evidence about 9/11, so it seems we reached a good number of people who hadn't heard the truth yet. We also handed out a 9/11 DVD compilation for people to take home and watch. After wards a bunch of us & Mr. Griffin grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant. All in all, a good turnout and good event. Pictures and videos are available at our new website

David Ray Griffin is coming to Olympia

Author David Ray Griffin is coming to Olympia Washington on December 3rd at 7pm. He will be speaking about his new book
"The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11 The Cover-up and the Exposé" Admission is free.

Capitol Theater
206 5th Ave SE
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 754-5378

visit Our Meetup Site for more info or e-mail

Washington State Truth Action

We Are Change Seattle & the Washington 9/11 Investigators
2 days of Truth Action, August 10th & 11th