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New day, new open thread, have at it!

No subject except...

today is my birthday. 8-22. Oddly, my 9-year old's birthday is 2-28.

Let's hope these dipshits are wrong -->

Mostly because I just ordered today's item from :-)


Quote from half man, half monkey

I just spotted this Bush quote and had to laugh. "If we ever give up the desire to help people who live in freedom, we will have lost our soul as a nation, as far as I'm concerned." The chimp is talking about Iraq......... Two years ago I awoke to the fact that 9/11 was a self-inflicted wound. An attack on this country orchestrated by the neocons.(PNAC) I was sure of that. I don't spend much time trying to figure out what hit the Pentagon or what kind of planes hit the towers. I figure that stuff is incidental and will come out in the wash but what had always puzzled me was who was pulling the strings? Who was the man behind the curtain? Who or what was behind these neocon thugs and their 9/11 attacks? Yesterday, after listening to Aaron Russo, I think I have found my answer. I suggest all 9/11 truthers listen to this man. He has much to say. I am going to try to get a copy of his flick "America:From Freedom to Fascism" and burn copies to hand out along with my "Loose Change" and DRG videos. Russo has a powerful message and is a 9/11 truther. I am also going to see if I can get him to post his video for download. I will contact him and see what happens. I will keep you all up-dated on my progress. By the way, don't worry about the trolls. They are scared shitless of what is happening to our country and are just fighting the truth because it is so painful. In a way I feel sorry for them.


I imagine the apocalypse line is getting a lot of dirty little neocons laid tonight.
"Hey, uh, the world's gonna end today, let's bone"

Reminds me of that track "Let's make love and listen death from above" by Cansey de ser sexy.
Matter of fact, I think I'm gonna have to post that to my blog now, just for this special occassion.

BTW - if there are any terror/false flag attacks on U.S. soil, leading to the dreaded martial law, and restriction of all of our freedoms, including but not limited to internet access and free speech, well then, I suppose this could be one of the last posts I make here...

I greatly appreciate this site, and all of you who've remained active in exposing the 9/11 coverup. This was one of the first sites I stumbled upon for 9/11 truth. I really hope and pray that they don't decide to put us all in prison or in FEMA camps for our views on 9/11 and this government.
All we want is the truth.
It would seem awfully unAmerican of them to deny us of that.

Islam + Feminism + Marxism = Terrorism?

Look at our new site: where we connect quite a few dots.

Some keywords: islam marxism feminism terrorism revolution iwsf golnaz ladjevardi mko mek rajavi khalq iran khomeini khatami ahmedinejad bush blair cheney rumseld rice gonzalez putin london moscow washington tehran marx lenin engels hammer sickle



ya, i think that is

ya, i think that is link-farming spam. nice to see they took the time to visit ;)

Did you look?

Did you look at the website or are you basing your reaction on the post only?

cant check it out here at

cant check it out here at work.. just going by the listing of keywords along with a link to something which on the surface looks completely unrelated to 9/11 or the subject matter being discussed..

link farming is a major way to move up on google's results order for a search.. and i dont think the posting of all the keywords was just a coinky-dink.

I was addressing Chris, actually

I'll definitely take your word for it if you think it was link agriculture. However, the site itself actually looks interesting although pretty sparse so far.

It's true that it's not directly 9/11 related, but on the other hand, if we're going to have a war with these people, I'd like to get to know them better, especially dissidents, and even more especially feminist dissidents. But that's just how I roll.

i was laughing at the title

i was laughing at the title actually, that implied that Islam,feminists and marxism equals terrorism. you dont find that laughable?

Well, sorta

It kind of seems like a statement of "fact" (not) at least the idea that Muslims and Marxists are perceived as terrorists. Are feminists? Are Islamic Marxist feminists? My guess is that dz is right and they're just trying to hit all the right buttons to get traffic for their site. But the Iranian revolution leading up to the deposing of the Shah is actually quite interesting, and was much more multifacted than most people here (in the West) probably assume. The Islamic fundies won out in the end, unfortunately (from my feminist perspective) but before that, it was broad-spectrum resistance to Western domination. I was hoping this site would give me more information about that.

skin changes

can this be done?

head on over to my blog and

head on over to my blog and post what your asking.. my blog is sort of serving as the development blog as i continue to work on the site.. in short, the new site can support multiple skins.

Popular Mechanics On Charles Goyette

Popular mechanics will be on the Charles Goyette show today (22/8/06) at 8.30am.

Try to call in or send Charles some hard questions and facts to confront these liers from popular mechanics with.

Weekday mornings from 6- 9 am on 50,000 watt Phoenix station KFNX News Talk Radio 1100.

Current time in Phoenix:

E-mail address:

The call-in numbers for the program are 602-277-KFNX; that’s 602-277-5369. Listeners in our growing audience across the country can be a part of the program toll-free by calling 1-866-536-1100.

PM tomorrow on Goyette

Goyette has now said the PM jerks will be on tomorrow, Wed. 8/23/06 @ 8:00 (I assume Arizona time.)

Popular Mechanics editor to be interviewed today

Just got this in my email box:

An editor from Popular Mechanics will be on the Goyette Show at 8:30 am Tues (8/22).

There will probably only be time for 3 or 4 questions, so make them count. I recommend that you avoid whether or not a plane struck the Pentagon and such things as cell phone calls and other side issues. In my opinion, the best questions will deal with (1) Building 7 being a classic controlled demolition (in every way), even better than most experts could deliver!!
(2) WTC 1 & 2 coming down in ~ 10 sec with pools of molten steel present for several weeks.
(3) Only one mechanism can bring buildings down at the speed of free fall and that is implosion with explosives .... NOT pancakes which were not even present!!
(4) The 47 massive steel columns that provided the structure for each building were magically
cut into 30' lengths, convenient for quick removal WITHOUT ANY INVESTIGATION and
(5) if the "experts" at Popular Mechanics are so confident in their conclusions, why do they refuse to debate these issues at the "National 9/11 Debate"?

The local call-in # for the Charles Goyette show is ... 602-277-KFNX (602-277-5369)

toll free .... 1-866-536-1100

The show can be streamed live on your computer at .........

The Charles Goyette Show is heard in the Phoenix area 6-9 am weekdays on KFNX (1100 AM) and currently, we are on Pacific Coast Time.

personally i think iran is

personally i think iran is actually secretly our ally

they are a false flag muslim govt that is secretly controlled by the rothschild mafia

the way the iranian hostage situation worked out in the 80's was a total psy-op to build up reagan and bush

every president since and including carter have been trilateral commission rothschild puppet bitches

and iran is also
i mean come on---they announce theyre going to attack aug22--they do it in an insubstantial but technically warlike way against the west(in a safe gulf of tonkin way)

then they announce that uranium is missing in new jersey

more pre planned bullshit to make the rothschild mafia rich

fuck all yall

Len Bracken

Has anyone read Len Bracken's book entitled "Shadow Government"? He's one of the few real leftists who has written on the subject and I'm thinking of picking up his book.