We'll all bow down and praise you no-planers once we win

How about this to settle this dispute, and its most recent formulation with the Morgan Reynolds/Judy Wood hit piece today.

All of us who don't believe in "No Plane Theory" (NPT) will promise to give you guys all the respect and deference once 9/11 truth gets out. I'll even give you money for being right if you are, I mean that.

For now, the no planers at the WTC need to shut up and stop attacking their own, like Steven Jones, etc. This debate won't be settled until we win and 9/11 truth is out and then we can actually look at the evidence, have a complete investigation, etc. Until that time, 'No-planers' have to realize that they are hurting the movement. They are hindering the truth from being delivered to millions of more people in America and around the world. They are preventing the truth from breaking through the wall of mainstream media and left gate-keepers we are working so hard to crack. They are hurting the chances that others who know and have credibility will come out.

We all know that the government's explanation of how World Trade Center 1, 2, and 7 came down doesn't stand up to evidence.

Focusing on bringing in new people to that truth is what we need to do.

We have people in our NC 9/11 truth group that think Icke stuff might be true. Do they talk about that at presentations? No. Do they try to get the whole group to believe that? No. It's that simple. And I'm sorry if you don't like the comparison, because you are dealing with facts like video footage, etc., but the effect is the same. And that is what is important. The effect of aliens, lizard-people, and no planes are the same. It stops and marginalizes the press for truth.

So please, stop doing this crap, and lets let it all sort out in the wash after we finish getting the truth out. I'll pay money if Bush turns into a lizard when he's on trial as well.

my view is that no-planes

my view is that no-planes does not make sense cause it causes Xtra work for the perps

They gotta:

- plant blackboxes
- plant decayed bodies
- plant engine parts

Too risky!!

I do beleive in automatic flight control tho.


1) No black boxes were found (as far as I know).
2) Was any DNA of 11/175 passengers found?
3) There was only a couple of parts found.

Question, if 767's were used, how were they able to crash them into the buildings without destroying any of the carefully planted explosives needed to trigger the initial explosion? Isn't THAT "risky"?

According to the book,

According to the book, Behind The Scenes Ground Zero, at least three of the black boxes were found.

Yes, some DNA from 11/175 was found. See Jim Hoffman's site for details.

Couple of parts? I think the photographic evidence suggests much more than that.

Assymmetrical innitial fall of one the towers

WTC2 started his fall with the topfloors tilting at an angle.
So.. were some bombs perhaps indeed damaged?
The risk wood not be : not collapsing of the tower.
But leaving some floors a little more intact during the collapse.
Thats not to great a risk I presume.

Well Said

Excellent blog.

It makes perfect sense to all of us rational Truthers.

The only problem is the "No-Planers" won't listen. And that it is what PROVES they are COINTEL.

"It is impossible to wake a

"It is impossible to wake a man who is feigning sleep..."
-- Some guy I don't remember

At last a sensible rational

At last a sensible rational take on this issue.

The no planers ARE damaging to the the rest of us who want the TRUTH of what we CAN PROVE about WTC 1,2 and 7's controlled demolition to get out to the masses.

"No planes" is an utterly

"No planes" is an utterly irrational concept spewed forth from disinfo types.

Nico is mentally ill and should be checked into the hospital. Nuff said.

do not be distracted by this

do not be distracted by this bs.

Nico has zero video skilz.

if he had gone to school and studied compression we wouldn't be in this mess.

Look. It's real simple: planes hit the WTC.

Preach on, Micayah. No

Preach on, Micayah. No Planers are a plague on 911 truth.

Excellent piece, Mic, I'd

Excellent piece, Mic, I'd recommend publishing it except that we don't wanna give these no-plane quacks more exposure than they already have.

I used to think "no-planers"

I used to think "no-planers" were just deluded fools; I'm now of a different opinion.

These people are disinfo.

You sure about that? "We Scam"

Watch this, you might feel different about NPT...


Best thing to do with

Best thing to do with "no-planers" is ignore them. They feed on controversy. Laugh at them, point out how absurd their theories are, but don't give them any press.

I watched the video

I watched the video Killtown. Nothing even remotely of interest. Hundreds of people saw the plane fly into the building. I'm amazed you got suckered in by this pap. I hope you realize that with every word you say about the patently absurd "no-plane" theory, you help kill 911 truth.


That's what they said about me questioning if a plane hit the Pentagon and crashed in Shanksville.

irrelevant. There is no

irrelevant. There is no evidence whatsoever to support the "no-planes" theory, and a ton suggesting the opposite. And even if, by some miracle, a fraction of the "TV Fakery" garbage turned out to be true, promoting the theory that "no planes hit" makes the entire 911 truth movement resemble a bunch of imbeciles with limited understanding of Videography. I don't think you realize how much of an ass you make of yourself by promoting this theory. Seriously dude.


Notice when the "plane" comes in view, it "skips" across the screen.

Notice that this high-tech military-grade camera filmed a plane in very low-quality of a plane with no discernable markings; a "shadow plane."

Also, notice that when the "We Scam" camera is filming, you can see both towers until the scene were the "shadow plane" flies in. The South Tower is totally blocked out by the North Tower and the shadow plane disappears behind the building. You never actually see it crash. You just assumed you did when you saw the fireball coming out the other side.

All you have to do is look closely at the videos.



Skippity-Do-Da, Skippity-Yay. My, oh my, what a wonder day!

"Notice when the "plane"

"Notice when the "plane" comes in view, it "skips" across the screen."

Killtown, sorry to break this to you chum, but video cameras are not "perfect". Additionally, that object is flying very, very fast. Try and understand: you are making a complete and utter ass of yourself.

"no-planers" are like

"no-planers" are like left-gatekeepers: they're incapable of admitting error.

Actually, I think some of these folks are REAL examples of disinfo artists; the rest are typical useful idiots.

Ok Mr. "Anonymous"

But saying we have "no evidence" is quite laughable. You might not like our evidence, or want to believe it, but saying we don't have any evidence just proves you are a pathetic liar.

"cameras are not perfect"

Yeah, and it's like NONE of the cameras were perfect on 9/11 because they ALL showed anomalies! But I'm sure that just ANOTHER in a long, long line of "coincidences," huh?

"Yeah, and it's like NONE of

"Yeah, and it's like NONE of the cameras were perfect on 9/11"

Object was flying very fast, Killtown. Again, video cameras are not "perfect".

Nevertheless, hundreds of people saw the plane fly into the building, including its approach from a long way away.

You're barking up the wrong tree dude.

Unfortunate, I can no longer link to your site because of the disinfo.

"No-planers = no brainers".

"No-planers = no brainers". Simple as that.


Just listen to the guy that initiated this post and not talk about no planes, after we win the movement. No planers will just make us seem like we are really nuts!

No-planers make THEMSELVES seem like real nuts

It's actually very easy to deal with the "fallout" from the no-planes disinfo. Simply point out to people that they should be careful when looking up information online, because the real culprits have littered the movement with decoys. Every thinking person understands that it is natural for the perps to do that, and the no-planes at the WTC scam is so bogus that people who try to claim that those "theories" are representative of the movement are easily made fools of. I think the "geniuses" who thought up the ploy figured that since there were no jumbo jets in Shanksville (most likely) or the Pentagon (most definitely) that this would be an ideal way of sowing dissent within the movement and discrediting it in the eyes of those who would rather not consider the case in its entirety, preferring instead to hear something that sounds convincing from someone they trust, like Wolf Blitzer saying that 9/11 conspiracy theorists believe no planes hit the Pentagon or the Towers, to use a hypothetical. Once they take a cursory look at the "evidence" already knowing what they want to believe, they'll have the cognitive booby traps in place to convince themselves. To use a different example--have you ever noticed that on most issues there are so-called "experts" with totally different and mutually exclusive claims? Economics is a field rife with these clowns. Obviously a good number of people touted as experts are clearly nothing of the kind, but since most people either can't be bothered or aren't capable of independent critical thought, they give up trying to discern whose BS makes sense and whose is just BS (it all sounds like BS to the mentally lazy.) They then fall back on their human-issue BS detectors which in many people are so primitive that they actually do more harm than good, since BS detectors have been gamed by scoundrels since time immemorial. That is to say, people who either don't lie or don't lie well are usually easily to lie to because they don't know the tricks that successful liars know. There are of course, professional liars who work as marketers, advertisers, journalists, lawyers, politicians--the market for good liars is huge, ensuring a large supply of them. As with any other big market, the quality of liars varies greatly--sometimes you need a great liar, who is costly, and sometimes, say when you're not guilty of stabbing your wife, you only need a cut-rate liar. When it comes to exposing liars, obviously other liars have an advantage--but not just them. Cynics and skeptics are those who realize that among professional liars are those who have no scruples and will sell their lies even if it means people will die as a result. They realize that the better a liar is, the harder it is to prove it to those who believe their lies. So the liars in this case have taken on the most ambitious lie in history (or... maybe not!) and are going all out. The fact that so many of their lies are so cut-rate indicates that they don't have enough liars who are good enough to sustain their big lie. Well, do they give up? Of course not! They're playing to the end--they have no choice. When your lie is vulnerable, shift attention away from it, and onto other lies (just keep making up new ones to confuse everyone.) Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counteraccusations. Enlist liars to lie on both sides of the fence. Throw in some truth to make it look a lie. Lie through your teeth and lie through the night. Nobody likes liars, and when people see a pile of lies they avoid it like it was a pile of shit, so just keep spewing it over anything you want to conceal. Now there is one thing that, if you have enough of it, works like the miracle cleaners of the type that liars sell on TV are purported to work but don't. It's called truth. Not "Truth", but truth. Not one someone says is truth, but something that is actually true. In this ocean of BS, we must provide the drowning with lifelines of truth in the short term AND build and distribute an open-source bullshit-detector that turns cognitive dissonance into critical thinking skills. No short order that, but we can and must do it!

"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

"I think the "geniuses" who

"I think the "geniuses" who thought up the ploy figured that since there were no jumbo jets in Shanksville (most likely) or the Pentagon (most definitely) that this would be an ideal way of sowing dissent within the movement"

^ Good point dude!

Great bog, I can't f*cking stand these "no brainers"

I really can't stand these no plane people, they have no clue of the damage they cause because they’re either gullible idiots. Or if they do understand the consequences of pushing this BS then their disinfo.


Here's a picture from Morgan Reynolds’ s-hit piece on Dr Jones;

"Beep Beep" indeed you f*cking disrespectful prick, people were about to die in those towers, and the fucktard puts a cartoon on them? He got at least one thing right though, "no planes" is Looney Toons stuff!

Dem Bruce is himself a

Dem Bruce is himself a completely brainwashed prick.

He's not able to actually show, where the alleged "damage" is and he's not able to see that the 2nd hit was a 'cartoon' in itself.


DBLS is a nice guy. Two planes struck the towers. One each. That is a fact.

For Gold: There is ZERO

For Gold:
There is ZERO evidence, that any plane hit the Towers.
The footage of the second hit contradict each other on multiple occasions.
The footage doesn't contain a real plane.

The forensic evidence proves, that no 7x7 hit any of the Towers. Since noone could prove the opposite, the evidence on noplanes/tv fakery is still oppressed, attacked or ignored.

That's a fact. You and all other planehuggers are covering up the truth and protect the real 9/11 perps incl. US Media and the WESCAM choppers from 9/11.

Question For You Nico...

Nico, in your 9/11 Truthling Guide, under "UQ's", you address me, Kyle Hence, and a few others.

In it, you use colorful terms like, "bizarre, very dangerous species, parasites, limited hangouts, virus, truthling zombies, spook, idiots, and sucker."

The funny thing is Nico, the original "UQ's" as you like to call them, and the people that inspired me to become involved in the movement, are in fact, the family members themselves. The people who lost loved ones that day, and had questions as to how and why that happened.

Why do you disrespect the family members Nico with your venom?

none of this is fact, you

none of this is fact, you just claim it is - that does not make it so.

the simple fact is is that there is absolutley nothing that could prove to you a plane hit each tower.. nothing.. every single piece of evidence can be written off by you because you have already reached your opinion. i at least look at the stuff you put out, i just dont find it convincing (or even plausible).

every video clip is doctored, every eyewitness is a liar or a government agent, every photo is photoshop, every piece of debris is planted, etc. etc. you can litterally beleive anything so long as you can write off every opposing piece of data..

instead of continuing on what obviously is getting us nowhere, how about we try to have some real dialog? i have at least a handful of questions i could ask that i'd like you to answer, if i took the time to write up such a blog entry would you respond to it?

btw, do you have a video of your presentation in NY?

Tunnel vision

Exactly Dz, Nico you have tunnel vision, wake up to it dumbass!

No you "no brain" disinfo assclown

No you "no brain" disinfo assclown, but I am able to discern what reality is and what 911 truth is about. Do you even GIVE A DAMN about the all those who've perished on the day, and after? Do you even GIVE A DAMN at all about the movement succeeding? Because it seems to me all you give a damn about is some kind of pointless mental masturbation, which achieves absolutely nothing beneficial! Your either a useful idiot to the perps, chewing up their disinfo and doing exactly what they want you to be doing with it. Which is damaging every real 911 sceptics credibility. Or you’re a fucking paid disinfo scumbag.

You might be right about some kind of "CGI", but that "CGI" was probably used deliberately to make gullible idiots like you make noise. But to claim that planes didn’t hit the towers is lunacy! The fact that you have no concept about how "no planes hit the towers" even sounds, proves that you've got no idea at all about the negative affect you're having. And so to be polite to you, (even though after all the damage you have caused, and continue to cause you don’t deserve it for a second) please reflect on whether or not “no planes” is ever going to help bring bush and his puppeteers to trail!

dz wrote: "...do you have a

dz wrote:
"...do you have a video of your presentation in NY?.."

It's still in the making because i integrate it also in a documentary on all evidence on 9/11 TV Fakery.

What a "real dialogue" depends, it's apparently not possible on 911blogger.com, since the members are not directly respond to the evidence.

We therefore concentrate on direct email debates with the loudest speakers of the 'planehugger movement'.

If DemStyles and "chris" are providing us with their emails they can participate in these external debates as well.

So far noone of the WTC Planehuggers was able to confront us with any counter evidence, same to "Chris" and "DemStyles".

Furthermore i am still getting accused to allegedly "damaging" this movement, while this movement is trusting suspicious characters at the same time.

That also includes Prof. E Jones, who didn't even respond to the Reynolds/Wood article yet and backed up from the traditional evidence of controlled demolition a while ago.
He also furthermore lied some weeks ago, when he claimed, that the 9/11 Scholars decided pro-planes, which was a plain lie.

Jones' background is well documented at

dz wrote: "...i have at

dz wrote:
"...i have at least a handful of questions i could ask that i'd like you to answer, if i took the time to write up such a blog entry would you respond to it?..."

Yes, i would do that.
Meanwhile you might wanna check out this:
WTC Planehugger Therapy -Top 30 FAQ

actually i've read that..

actually i've read that.. twice i think.. but i will check it out again..

btw, did you draw that cartoon? its a pretty good drawing..

dz wrote: "...did you draw

dz wrote:
"...did you draw that cartoon? its a pretty good drawing..."

Nope, that was "Spooked911". He also runs
http://covertoperations.blogspot.com , which i personally consider as one of the best sources of analysing 9/11 TV fakery.
He's also a controlled demolition and Flight93 specialist.

Dem wrote: "...You might be

Dem wrote:
"...You might be right about some kind of "CGI", but that "CGI" was probably used deliberately to make gullible idiots like you make noise. But to claim that planes didn’t hit the towers is lunacy!..."

See the absurdity?
Dem doesn't want to have the truth. He thinks it is not important that footage was faked with CGIs. He doesn't care if physical violations took place. He doesn't care that physical evidence does not point on a 7x7.
He ignores the fly-by "white elephant plane".

He's not a truthseeker.

He's supporting the orwellian guideline of this movement which is:
"1/2 Truth is enough, so is limited hangout stuff like Sibel Edmonds/Able Danger and Co."

And you do want the movement to succeed with all this?

What did you establish so far? Some TV shows with Fetzer/Barrett/Berger and 24/7 mainstream reports in US Media?

And you think that is enough?

The 9/11 perps are playing you and that's what you didn't realize yet.
And for sure the evidence on 9/11 TV Fakery will NOT be covered by mainstream media. They will not find a spin to oppose it and they will not ruin their best deception tool of 9/11.

Thanks to your attitude the 9/11 perps are still safe and fascism and WW3-5 will continue.

You're hopeless Nico

You're hopeless Nico, or you're disinfo. Which is it? And "no planes" has had the most airtime you dipshit, I’ve seen people on TV use it and "pods" to ridicule the 911 truth movement. They'll probably start using "mini nukes" in their thought stopping arsenal soon also. You’re doing no good for anyone but the scumf*ckers who were behind/benefit from the attacks. So if you're not disinfo, don't be surprised when people rightly call you so.

"..And "no planes" has had

"..And "no planes" has had the most airtime you dipshit, I’ve seen people on TV use it and "pods" to ridicule the 911 truth movement..."

Dem is lying. I follow all mainstream media reports on 9/11 religiously and there was ZERO report on that matter, which covered or actively confronted it.
The notion of "9/11 TV Fakery" was so far only barely scratched in a 5-pager of SALON and gave it 1 line.

The other notion of "no-planes" which refers to the forensic evidence, was mentioned in 2 canadian articles maybe 6-8 months ago, but didn't go deeper into it at all as well.

And that's it. Neither FOX TV, CNN and all the others even used the phrase "9/11 TV Fakery", talked about CGIs or compared any of the footage or belittled the researchers on this. Washington Post spoke twice with me in person at ny911 and decided against an article on it as well.

You are constantly lying, like everyone else who claims, it could "damage" or "hurt" the movement.
This lousy meme was already developed by other well known saboteurs and hangouters in this movement against the evidence on controlled demolition.

I also have nothing to do with the "pod" which was designed as a disinfo to distract from our findings as well.
Same to the "plane remote control" supporters, among them Professor Fetzer!!

The 9/11 Truth Movement is already ridiculed by Mainstream Media anyway. You have no single valuable point.

Nico, I'm pretty sure you're

Nico, I'm pretty sure you're right. Frankly I can't figure out where all the objections are coming from. There's no credible evidence of planes at the WTC, so why is everyone making a big deal about it?

the big deal is, it hurts

the big deal is, it hurts the movement tremendously.

thanks Micahyah

yes, I suppose that's an important consideration, but a couple of years ago, weren't people saying the same thing about the demolitions, which now seem to be pretty widely acknowledged?

the problem I see is, once you start defending any single part of the official story, you're defending the official story, which as far as I can determine is a total fabrication.

i cant WAIT to see your

i cant WAIT to see your first documentary on "tv fakery". im waiting with baited breath. hahahaha. seriously, i cant wait.

so thats what all those

so thats what all those annoying ass mass emails are? they clog up our news mailbox and prevent us from being able to post news when it comes in.. dunno who put our name on those damn mailing lists, but it is quite the annoying..

please post an updated list of your strongest evidence when you have a second, maybe someone will take the time to provide a counter-arguement..

and let me know when that video is avialable, id like to see it.