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Russia’s 'Sputnik News' Ad about “Scientific Study Offers a Surprising Theory About 9/11 Twin Towers”

On October 19th, 2016 a block graphic “ad” appeared at under “Trending News” stating: “Scientific Study Offers a Surprising Theory About 9/11 Twin Towers”. The block ad linked to a story authored by Russia’s Sputnik News. Sputnik Deutschland had conducted an interview with editors of Europhysics News about the article on the 9/11 building collapses. This ad is especially timely because tensions between the United States and Russia are high due to the Syrian conflict with many people speculating that we are close to World War 3.
Link to Sputnik News article -

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Science Radio Show Host Michio Kaku Gave Michael Shermer An Unskeptical Interview

On July 16, 2013 on KPFA, Michio Kaku, "Professor of Theoretical Physics" and host of a long-standing radio show called "Exploration", gave a completely unscientific and unskeptical interview platform to Michael Shermer to discuss "The Borders of Science - Why People Believe Strange Things". Dr. Shermer is introduced as the "dean of debunkers", founder of The Skeptical Society, and a regular writer for Scientific American.

Dr Kaku lets Dr Shermer ridicule Dr Steven Jones without even mentioning a single detail of his work or his research on samples of WTC dust. What does our host do to challenge Shermer? Kaku has no informed questions for Shermer to debunk!

Hypothesis Now available on DVD

The documentary feature film Hypothesis, which chronicles a pivotal moment in the life of Physicist Dr Steven E Jones is now available on DVD.

The film can be purchased directly here:

or, at


The Pacifica Radio ''Twin Towers Debate'' on 9/11/2011

by Ron Brookman, S.E.

Thank you to Mickey Huff and KPFA radio for hosting the Twin Towers debate on the tenth anniversary of September 11. Richard Gage and Niels Harrit described hard evidence for the controlled-demolition hypothesis; Dave Thomas and Richard Muller promoted the fire-induced collapse hypothesis. Listen to the entire debate at

Richard Gage, AIA is a San Francisco Bay Area architect and founder of AE911Truth—a nonprofit organization with over 1,600 professional architects and engineers plus over 13,000 others who are calling for a science-based investigation of the destruction of the three high-rise buildings.1

Dr. Niels Harrit, associate professor emeritus of chemistry from the University of Copenhagen, has published over 60 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals including ''Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe."2

2011 Anniversary showings of Brett Smith's Film "Hypothesis"

I was looking around to see if it was possible to buy the film Hypothesis, a film about Steven Jones, done by Brett Smith, but could not find any place to get it. Instead, it looks like it will be showing at a few places on this upcoming Anniversary again, including the Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival.

Director/Producer: Brett Smith
Country: USA Time: 46min. Genres: SOC/BIO


Sat. 9/12 1-4 p.m. – Red Cliffs Cinema Theater 2
Thur. 9/15 1-4 p.m. – Red Cliffs Cinema Theater 1
Fri. 9/16 7-10 p.m. – DSC Eccles Main Stage
Fri. 9/16 4-7 p.m. – Red Cliffs Cinema Theater 3


A documentary about Steven E. Jones, a professor of physics at BYU who made a conspiracy theory regarding the September 11 attacks. His theory resulted in everything from hate mail, bribes and threats to end his research.

It will also be showing in San Francisco, CA on the Anniversary for the 9/11: Reclaiming the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future conference:

September 11, 2011 - 1:15pm
The Herbst Theater

Media Roots Interview with Brett Smith, Creator of Hypothesis

Interview with Filmmaker Brett Smith, Creator of Hypothesis by Media Roots

This is an exclusive Media Roots Radio interview with Utah based documentarian Brett Smith, conducted by Abby and Robbie Martin on February 23, 2011.

In 2006, Brett's love of films drew him into taking a film class where he was required to make a 15 minute short. That 15 minute short later turned into 40 minute documentary called Hypothesis.

Hypothesis is a documentary that follows physicis professor Steven E. Jones during a pivotal time in his life. In 2005, Jones went public with a theory about 9/11 that was so controversial, it resulted in everything from hate mail, threats, and even bribery to try to end his research. Despite the outside pressures, Jones vowed to never give up on his pursuit of the truth.

AE911Truth "The Blueprint" Bimonthly Newsletter - Mid-February 2011

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Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth / Blueprint Newsletter
AE911Truth Blueprint Newsletter | Vol. XX | Mid-February 2011 
Late Feb Newsletter banner

Chris Mohr, supporter of the “natural collapse” theory, debates AE911Truth in Boulder March 6. Dick Gregory, famed civil rights activist and comedian, gives us deeper insight into his full support of AE911Truth. Steven Jones’ new DVD “Science & Society” hits the streets and our online store. Also, the freefall, symmetrical destruction of WTC 7 wins good coverage in the Foreign Policy Journal.

• Riveting two-hour “Trial” Radio Debate Prepares Mohr
     /Gage for Live March 6 Showdown at UC Boulder
• The Dream Lives On: Famed Civil Rights Activist Dick
     Gregory Joins Forces with AE911Truth
• February Fundraising Drive for An AE911Truth Publicist
• Definitive New DVD from Steven Jones
• A Scientific Theory of the WTC 7 Collapse
• Bill Moyers’ Attack on 9/11 Truth Exposes Defense
     Mechanisms in Full Force
• Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo Gets 9/11 Wake-Up Call
• Upcoming Action of the Month: Put AE911Truth DVDs
     in the Hands of Every A/E in Your Community

Steven Jones on "9/11 In Context" on Resistance Radio

On this week's "9/11 In Context" show, which airs Thursday, January 13, at 3pm ET, I will interview pioneering researcher Steven Jones, who in 2005, while still a tenured professor of physics at Brigham Young University, began to report the results of his investigations of the physical evidence from the World Trade Center building disintegrations. His findings of suspicious evidence of demolitions, and his advocacy of continued research into the evidence wherever it might lead, resulted in his early termination at BYU. Steve has continued to carry out cutting-edge research with a growing international team of associates. He is Co-Editor of The Journal for 9/11 Studies, and a founding member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice.

Listen live at:

or listen to the mp3 which is available at the same link right after the broadcast.

Click "Play" or click on "Download" under the show title ("Steven Jones ...").

A page of links to key articles by Steven Jones is posted at the Resistance Radio forum show page, at




Open Letters to Greg Palast

"It's not a question of belief, it's a question of whether I have any other information... Look, I gotta tell ya Lenny, I'm just sort of stuck with this one. I'm an investigative reporter, if I haven't investigated it, and I report on it, then I'm just giving you my goofball opinion, I'm not an engineer, I'm not a physicist, I had an office in the World Trade Center, but that's all I can tell ya. I can tell you what I've found, which is they couldn't... look... you know, to me it looks like planes hit the building, and my information doesn't comport with the idea that like, a controlled demolition.

We have looked at that, and I'm sorry if people are upset about this, but we spent a long time, very, very seriously looking at that, and... that just didn't happen...

...No sentient human is gonna believe the Bush Administration's stories about the attack on America. Uhm, the question is, alternative theories are very difficult to prove because... you can posit other theories, but that we can't prove either. The problem is the administration... my concern is the administration's lying is such baloney that it allows, it's like a Petrie Dish for all kinds of other stuff to grow up which may or may not hold water, I can't look at all these, but controlled demolition I can rule out.

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Major New Paper Published by Dr. Steven Jones

Dr. Steven Jones has published a new paper called "Revisiting 9/11/2001 --Applying the Scientific Method" at the Journal of 9/11 Studies. The paper is well worth the read.

Please read the original paper to view all of the photographs.

Revisiting 9/11/2001 --Applying the Scientific Method

Dr. Steven E. Jones


In this paper I focus on the application of the scientific method to the study of what really happened on 9/11/2001, particularly in the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings.

Jim Fetzer Interviews Steven Jones on the Dynamic Duo

27MB MP3

This is an interview of Steven Jones by Jim Fetzer on the Dynamic Duo show on gcnlive from the 17th.

Have a listen, post some comments.

Thanks to solar roller for the heads up!

Letter from Dr. Steven Jones to Congressman Cannon

Steve Jones sent this letter today to U.S. Congressman Christopher Cannon, R-Utah:

"Dear Congressman Cannon [and assistant]:

Thank you for your letter and for your attention to these important issues, about which I have written the Congressman before. It is heartening to hear a response promising some action.

Yes, I do have some questions that I ask of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and I appreciate your offer for assistance in getting answers.

1. Quoting from the NIST fact sheet (August 2006):
Q: "Was the steel tested for explosives or thermite residues? The combination of thermite and sulfur (called thermate) "slices through steel like a hot knife through butter."

A: "NIST did not test for the residue of these compounds in the steel."

NIST qualifies the statement saying they "did not test for the residue of these compounds IN THE STEEL."
Did they test for residues of aluminothermic (thermite-family)
reactions anywhere? Solidified slag? WTC dust? If so, what did they find? If they did not test for such residues anywhere, why not?

2. Quoting again from the NIST fact sheet:

"NIST concluded that the source of the molten material [observed flowing out of WTC2 before its collapse] was aluminum alloys from the aircraft, since these are known to melt between 475 degrees Celsius and 640 degrees Celsius (depending on the particular alloy), well below the expected temperatures (about 1,000 degrees Celsius) in the vicinity of the fires.

Steve Jones and Leslie Robertson

Steven Jones was on KGNU radio in Denver this morning with Leslie Robertson, one of the structural engineers who designed the Twin Towers.

When Dr. Jones raised the molten metal issue, Mr. Robertson seemed to doubt that there was really molten metal under the Twin Towers after the collapse. (Here's proof there was -- Digg the proof).

Also, Mr. Robertson said that once the buildings began to collapse, they would have necessarily collapsed all the way down. However, Mr. Robertson admitted that he had not performed any calculations to prove that claim.

When Dr. Jones raised the issue of the fast collapse times, Robertson admitted that he had not looked into this, had performed no calculations, and really had no answer for the rapid collapse.