President Bush to visit all 3 sites on 5th anniversary of 9-11

President Bush to visit all three sites on 9/11 anniversary

Published: Thursday August 31, 2006

Although specific details haven't yet been released, the White House announced today that President Bush would be visiting "all three sites" on the fifth anniversary of 9/11.

During a press gaggle held aboard Air Force One on Thursday afternoon, Deputy White House spokesperson Dana Perino announced the news when asked by a reporter for a "preview" of the president's planned events for the day.

"No, we have not announced all of those details yet," said Perino.

"The one thing I can say is that the President will visit all three sites on the anniversary," Perino continued.

Perino also said that there may be "additional travel" but that she wasn't "able to reveal that yet."

See You In New York


"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

hey.... we said we were


we said we were going first

This is either a joke, or a sick joke.

"Attention. Attention all humanoids not sworn to c*ck-sucking allegiance before his Majesty, King George: You will NOT, repeat NOT, be invited to vicinities within ten miles of the Three Memorial Grounds. If you are located within these Presidential Bubble Regions Of Purified Air, you risk extraordinary rendition, if not summary execution."

"Simply put, YOU are not to consider mourning nor gathering of any kind at these Holy Land Marks of Terror Remembrance. Your President will do all of the appropriate mourning and gathering for you. Do not allow yourself to be seen, heard of, nor even think about desiring to do such things."

"Your President so wishes it."
"Your President so deserves it."
"Your President has so Ordered."

I wish Spitzer would grow a

I wish Spitzer would grow a couple and have him arrested as soon as he rolls off the plane in NY.

Jon, speaking of New York...

The planned presence of the President will include heavily increased security measures. Can't say I'm surprised. We're likely to find a 'free speech zone' when we arrive at GZ. I'm hoping its way too small. See you there. Actually, you'll see us first.

- TM

look that son of a bitch

look that son of a bitch right in the eye and say ---we know