Handschuh Photo -- simultaneous explosions IN OTHER TOWER

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Please leave comments and tell me what your observations / conclusions are.

To me nothing of the visual evidence really makes sense. See PlaneImpact and Damage. I suggest that China or Russia (or Iran, or France) recreates 20 floors worth of World Trade Center, and then flies a 767 into it... Only then we will know what the effect looks like. My guess is that it looks VERY different.

My favourite photo still is the one that you see on the left, it's history is told here:


Another version:


Apart from the MISSING PLANE DEBRIS and the weird explosion it shows the simultaneous explosions IN THE OTHER TOWER (north tower).

One can ALSO see them in a VIDEO (sorry, I don't have the link now)

It is a short snippet (30seconds? avi?) where some video-editor inserted WHITE WRITING pointing out
a person standing in the corner of the NORTH TOWER and at the exact moment the explosion happenes in the south tower, is he falling down... there is even a hint of explosion at the corner (above the N-tower-explosion-hole) where he was standing.

In other words.. it is CLEARLY shown that explosions in the NORTH TOWER happen at the exact moment that they exploded the SOUTH TOWER.

Like Andrew Grove (sp?) said: The whole thing was a magicians trick to divert your attention

The witness Rodriguez (WTC janitor) also described in his affidavit the huge explosions IN THE BASEMENT of the NORTH TOWER seconds B-E-F-O-R-E the explosion happens 80 floors above.

There is more... please leave comments and lets collect evidence for SIMULTANEOUS EXPLOSIONS IN THE TOWERS.


what Ive never understood is

what Ive never understood is when you watch some videos , when the plane hits there is screams of surprise and horror...other videos there is almost no audible response to witnessing a plane crash right above or near them.
Some, as the one posted here, make me wonder who shot the footage and why they dont seem to surprised by it. You can clearly hear the man whistle as he pans out to show how much smoke there is as if that impresses him..but the plane crash doesnt get any response at all.

also...if the man is filming

also...if the man is filming the burning tower, why is it the tower that gets hit is centerframe? Clearly, in my opinion, this man expected that tower to be hit.

Thought problem regarding evidence of controlled demo

Re: 10 best pieces of evidence for public debate (from Scholars forum) Reference to article: www.911blimp.net/prf_Free...sics.shtml
I have a colleague who has had a lot of trouble with the "free fall" speed of the collapses of WTC's 1, 2, and 7. I mean he glosses over this issue and I have never pressed it, per se. Mainly because while I thought about it a bit a year+ ago. Now, every time somebody references it (like Griffin, etc) I barely note it. But then I read the article noted above. And a person like me... while I am a neuroscientist, I don't usually think in terms of physics... And I am sure he doesn't really think through those implications either. Because he does not really want to believe for psychological reasons. But when you do think through the physics.....

Here is the reason why. Think of it this way. Every single floor of any of the WTC tower would offer what kind of resistance to a falling body? You know, the upper floor(s) falling down? Remember that each floor is a spider web of trusses, beams, the central core connecting all together at -each- level, each floor. Do you suppose each floor might add a second's worth of resistance over that encountered if there were simply -air- there instead of all those bolts, trusses, beams etc.? Or might it be 2 seconds? 3? or 4? For the sake of argument let me say, absurdly, that all of that steel and structure would add only .5 second over the resistance of air alone. Air just by itself. On average. Remember, the upper floors would have provided more resistance as the mass and its velocity was just getting started, I suppose. How many seconds would it take for the entire building to collapse into rubble? Well, how many floors were there in WTC 1?

110 floors in WTC 1. So at .5 second per floor that is what, 55 seconds? How long did it take for the entire thing to come down?

10 + or - a few milliseconds. Just 10. Free fall speed. How can that be? There can be but one conclusion. It thus appears incontrovertibly true that *all* the resistance of the lowers floor had to be removed (removing all structural resistance - but not air resistance of course) as the upper structure fell. And the resistance not only * removed* but removed mostly equally across all of the surface at each level (otherwise the building might have toppled over sideways) during the collapse.

The only falling buildings that have * ever * fit that profile of collapse are buildings undergoing controlled demolition.

And as an aside, I wonder that part of the reason some folks get into thinking of energy weapons and the like being used is that the falls of WTC 1 and 2 almost seems too damn fast for physics to explain. Along with the pulverizing, *dematerializing* of the lower structures, glass and stuff as the building fell. That stuff is way past my measely knowledge of physics but the "controlled demolition" - however accomplished, appears to be solid scientific fact.

Thus, at least this part of the government's conspiracy theory fails. Miserably.

the angle of the sun tells all in this photo

the white cloud on the other tower, is the explosion from the other side of the south tower, and at the angle the morning sun is hitting it it's illuminating all the dust particles. contrasted with the shadow on the other tower it looks anomolous.

This is NOT evidence of "controlled explosions"...

What we are seeing in this photo, and indeed in all photos and videos showing what is thought to be evidence of secondary or "controlled" explosions", has a simple yet tragic explaination.
As the heat of the fire severly weaken and compomised the strength of the girders holding the floors above them the concrete floors simply collapsed onto the floors below them. The air (filled with debris) was quickly expelled through the broken windows thus showing the "smoke" that we see in this picture and in the videos. This is the same as clapping your hands together and feeling the air being expelled from between the palms of your hands. Imagine if you had some powder in your hand as you quickly clapped them together...same effect as you are seeing in this picture. The powder is, in this case, the dust and debris being forced out through the broken windows of the tower as each floor above collapses into the floors below.
This also accounts for the other "explosions" being heard by some of the firefighters as well.

explosion visible on east side

Puffs of smoke on the east side of the North Tower, at the time of the impact, can be seen at the msnbc.com site:


This photo has been altered.

This photo has been altered. The sky above the smoke is a different blue than that below. The smoke from the North Tower has been blackened also. Not a plane - a large missile for sure.

Brianv you are a fluffy

Brianv you are a fluffy animal.

Handschuh is a professional photographer.. he probably used a sky-shading filter in fron of his lens.

> a large missile for sure.

How old are you? 6 years old?