Further examination of evidence confirms the Pentagon flyover theory to be impossible

David Chandler and I have now published an Addendum to our paper "The Pentagon Attack on 9/11:
A Refutation of the Pentagon Flyover Hypothesis Based on Analysis of the Flight Path"

The Addendum draws on two additional pieces of evidence to revise the calculations of bank angle and wing loading which would be required if the plane followed the curved path north of the Citgo service station. This strengthens the previous conclusions set out in the original paper. Previously the failure of the many witnesses to mention a steep bank was taken as proof that the curved path did not happen, while the survival of the aircraft, if it deviated round the service station, was regarded as unlikely. With this new analysis of the witness testimony, showing the plane was flying wings level near the Naval Annex, survival of the plane is now found to be absolutely impossible. There is thus no rational explanation of the event other than that the plane flew virtually straight past the Naval Annex and the service station to the impact point.

'The Owl and the Hawk': A Plan to Avoid Another 9/11

'The Owl and the Hawk': A Plan to Avoid Another 9/11

By Babs Chandrasoma, July 4, 2008

In a wonderful new suspense/thriller, The Owl and the Hawk (Free Enterprise Press), an astonishing plan is revealed that, if in effect on Sept. 11, 2001, would most likely have avoided that terrible disaster. The author calls the plan the Privilege of Passage plan, or POP plan.

On the occasion of a visit to Israel in 1973, the author, John Errett, was invited to an Israeli Air Force base and learned of the importance placed on the Phantom jet by the Israelis. There was nothing any of the hostile Islamic nations had that could, in any way, match the versatility of this splendid aircraft. He was further lectured on its deployment, capabilities, and the increasing need for more of them. A visit to the Lebanese border, with an overnight stay in a northern kibbutz, fenced in and guarded 24 hours a day by ordinary farmers carrying automatic weapons, was chilling. On another side trip to the Golan Heights, he stood atop an abandoned Syrian tank and viewed the vulnerability of the Israeli farmlands below.

9/11 Truth Utility Pole Banners

Here's activism almost anyone can do. Post banners on utility poles at intersections with stop lights. Bored passengers and drivers are a captive audience.

These are 4" wide banners with enlarged letters. The template file is attached. It is a source of inspiration to me to see some of my surviving banners months after they are placed. The banners say:

The wording was chosen based on the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).

The banners last indefinitely, when covered with 2" packaging tape on a metal utility pole. They can also be posted on a wooden utility pole. The banners are on card stock and can last through the Oregon monsoon season.

Use heavy card stock paper, such as semi-vellum 65 lb. BrightHue ULTRA LIME color is an attention grabber. The template file was too large to upload. Print the banner with the largest font available. I use OpenOffice IMPACT 96 point font. Use a commercial copier to cut, paste and expand the font about 150%. Print a copy and scan it at home.

911 Truth Critical Mass through Bumper Stickers

If only one in 300 cars had a 911Truth bumper sticker, then nearly all automobile commuters would be exposed to 911 Truth daily! Several hundred fellow commuters see my bumper stickers every workday! Reputable 911 Truth sites, including this one, have links to purchase affordable 911 Truth bumper stickers. The stickers are available with substantial discounts for quantity orders.

Tens of millions of US people have seen Loose Change 2. 911 Truth may have reached critical mass, without us being aware of it. Many of the people who are aware of 911 Truth are not activists. They might be persuaded "passive activists" with a 911 Truth sticker.

Video proof of inside job (no less!)


Watch this video.

Near the top floor, you see a guy waving a white shirt (at least it looks like this). He's in the upper right corner of the building that's facing the camera, just below the dark area, and just at the top of the uniformly gray part of the building. Just when WTC2 is hit, the pigeon in the foreground flies away. Right at that moment, a bunch of things happen.

You are looking at the North face of WTC1.

a) That little red flame on the right side of the West Face of WTC1 explodes out, then returns to "normal."

b) There is an explosion, a puff of smoke, that bursts out the window of the guy waving his shirt. After that, he is no longer waving his shirt.

c) There are multiple puffs of smoke that shoot out of the North face of WTC1, on many floors between the plane's hole and the top of the building.

d) Right after the fireball (and camera shake) it looks like 2 people jump out of the lower floors of the smoking region of the West face of WTC1. This is just above and to the right of that little red flame.

Flight 11

a flying object hit the WTC North Tower (Wtc1)

According to the airline BTS database Flight 11 never flew on 9/11. << Very interesting!!!

The plane designated flight 11 when airborne took off from Gate 32, wheels off 8:00am
Flight 11 passengers were seen boarding a plane from Gate 26, wheels off @ 8:10am

WHAT THE @!#$%^& !!!!

you mean they don't know?

Has any of you truthers phoned up and asked?


discussion BTS flight numbers
THIEVES stole Flight 11

Handschuh Photo -- simultaneous explosions IN OTHER TOWER

Re: Impact Holes ... WTC TOWER aeroplane silhouttes ...


Please leave comments and tell me what your observations / conclusions are.

To me nothing of the visual evidence really makes sense. See PlaneImpact and Damage. I suggest that China or Russia (or Iran, or France) recreates 20 floors worth of World Trade Center, and then flies a 767 into it... Only then we will know what the effect looks like. My guess is that it looks VERY different.

My favourite photo still is the one that you see on the left, it's history is told here:

Another version:

Apart from the MISSING PLANE DEBRIS and the weird explosion it shows the simultaneous explosions IN THE OTHER TOWER (north tower).