This is the first time for me to write on a blog, I have done all of the research, and am into my 2nd year of understanding on what is happening to our country!
My main reason for starting this blog is this.. The polls show that over 1/2 of America believes that 9/11 was an
inside job.....Okay......So, why aren't people doing something about this? Our gov't is so corrupt from the bottom up
and most people inderstand this, but when I bring it up to all of the people that I deal with, most people look
at me as though I am crazy when I ask a few simple, gentle questions. Where are the 50%?? Why are people
so lost?? I feel so alone in this world, where our freedoms are being stripped away? Is it all just blogs and talk?
Or is something really going to change? With the Nov. Elections coming, I really feel that we are too lost, and too late.
I am doing what I can, and I do it everyday, but I feel as though I am running up a muddy hill. We have such a
MONSTER against us.... I am asking for advice? What do you think we are going to accomplish...especially
with rigged electronic voting machines, RFID cards mandated by 2008, and we are stuck with George W till
2008, who will create another false flag against Iran, or any other country he chooses. The list goes on and on as you well know. Can you feel my pain. Here is my delimma... Do I keep trying my best..One by one
getting people to understand, or do I just bail? And when I say bail, I have the power to move out of this country, and
try to live the remainder of my life in peace, or do I continue to fight, and fight for the constitution that was created
by our fore-fathers? Do you understand my pain? Is it too late? We are hated by the entire world, the NWO has its
grasp on everything. Can we do it? Or is it too late? I am one person asking you a question.....please tell me your thoughts?

I think we should replace

I think we should replace every member of congress with a widow from the attacks. Im pretty sure some heads would roll then.:)


I agree..these old geezers in congress are as corrupt as it gets. You have to watch this video...

Ted Stevens...,,the REP of Alaska is trying to explain how the Internet works. This is Our Gov't. A bunch of OLD GEEZERS that have no concept of reality!!!

This video is an edit from his arguement on why the INTERNET needs REGULATION and CONTROL, If you are from Alaska...Please KICK HIS ASS OUT in November!!!
A Series of Tubes??? What the hell is he talking about??

exactly i also have little

exactly i also have little faith in these blogs... thats why they hit new york... most new yorkers are poor and stupid they are also racist and they would rather go with the televisons word then do research and look at these blogs. we need a television station........ t shirts aren't going ot do jack shit u need to communicate effectively to the public and without television there is no hope . they are smart to control mass media i know fox news bought out al jazeera which may have been the last news source we could trust. they assasinate everyone lol

I Understand!!

I have to agree with you...... Is it really too late??? These are Blogs....it needs to be more as I sit here. It needs to be action.......it is time or we are doomed!! Thank you for responding!!!! I will sit here all night to listen!!

I am new to this site but I

I am new to this site but I seen some of the dvd 's and I believe that the gov had something to do with the TT. I live in Michigan and I will do my part on spreading the word. Their is a local tv station that i will try to contact this week. I will do my best to give them all the info that i was presented with. I feel for those family's that had to go threw all of this mess. The government f --- ed us!!!!

what about a general

what about a general strike?
get 30% of the population to sit on the streets untill an independent international comission does research the story.
hmm..ok, im just dreaming here.

"We are hated by the entire

"We are hated by the entire world"

Your current gouvernment is hated, yes. Not you.
I love America, therefore hate the Bush admin.
I'm european. And not the only one thinking like this. Thankfully.
But i can feel your pain. And dillemna.
Who am i to tell whats best to do in the states, all i can say and do is get the storyline out. The official storyline of what happend. Thats often enough.
best whishes

You are indeed not alone.

You are indeed not alone. Seeking out like-minded people in real life, not just the internet, can help. For the anniversary last week, I traveled to a city to join a Truth event and found it most rejuvenating.

Keep going

there has been major progress already. The superficial appearance is deceiving, and it's not reason but denial that's holding many people back. These timid fellows will adhere to "public consent", no matter if it's fabricated - once we reach critical mass, and I believe we're close already, we'll most likely experience a rapid shift in opinion. First and foremost, everybody needs to understand the following, in order to overcome their fear and denial:

We, the people, are actually the ones in power. We do things. They only command. They run the show only because we let them, because we believe in the system. In laws. In principles. In authority. None of these are set in stone. The fundamental truth is that they're only as powerful as we let them be. If we, as a people, as mankind, understand that, and see their corruption for what it is, what do we have to fear?

Only ourselves.

NOTHING is wasted

TakeAction, the blogs allow us to freely exchange information; they are very valuable. The first thing you can do is continue to dialogue one-on-one. The next thing you can do is pick up a pen, and write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Although I have never had a letter rejected, expect a few rejections. Don't give up.
All of us truthers have gone through severe feelings of isolation. That alone should tell you have much courage you actually have, and this blog is giving you the encouragment you very much need.
There are many discouragments along the way, and every one of us has come 1/16 of an inch from throwing in the towel. Together as the Truth community, however, we find strength in what we KNOW. That is perhaps one of the most important things this blog does; it gives us unity.
While we are making important strides at change ( I LOVE the idea of 9/11 widows as Congress!!) the human species, as any other, evolves very slowly. And I understand about the mONSTER (no capitol "m"), but it is (you'll like this, guys) 95% air. Your most important strength may well be understanding it's mostly sneaky facade.
This Truther applauds you and all the others. Here's a bit of Truth Armor you can use.
Don't let them make you think you're crazy; you're not.
YOU are the future.

It's not a waste of time to

It's not a waste of time to debate publicly what happened on 9/11, but these debates need to find a way into the power infrastructure. I believe Alex Jones is lobbying for a legal approach to the matter, which is an excellent idea.

Look at the problem of electronic voting. There is definite proof of extensive fraud in at least the last two presidential elections. Until now, the revolt against electronic voting has been mainly a grassroots phenomenon. But when Robert Kennedy wrote that piece for Rolling Stone, and formed a legal team to sue the bastards, he took a grassroots phenomenon and made it something more effective.

9/11 Truth needs this next step, and it needs it soon. Once Bush is out of office, fewer people will care who did 9/11 (unless, of course, another major false flag operation forces them to care).

It's possible that Bush and his chronies will be the source of their own undoing. If they continue their fanatical ways and attack Iran, that may push many moderates into radical opposition. In fact, it seems most people are willing to go along to get along, unless forced into taking a stand.


Last night I started this Blog and just began typing. All of you have really given me a NEW Stand. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!!! I PRAY IT IS NOT TOO LATE!
I will keep doing what I can do, person by person.

Thanks Again

I feel the passion in everyones posts...

Again Thank You.