9/11 Truth: Everybody Knows (except the mainstream media!)

9/11 Truth: Everybody Knows (except the mainstream media!)

This is a great new talk by Barry Zwicker on 9/11, momentum, and the media.

Puts in perspective how wide-spread 9/11 truth is, why we should not be afraid to talk about it, and how high the stakes are. Zwicker helps light a fire under our 9/11 activism.

A must-see and - at less than 10 minutes long - there's no excuse not to watch it.

i swear to god, i was

i swear to god, i was literally seconds away from posting this myself. great talk.

9/11 - A Race Against Time

The Truth Will Set You Free | September 20 2006

Video excerpt from an excellent talk by Barrie Zwicker, author of Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11.


I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting BZ, he is absolutely honorable and has a good soul.

Btw, if you haven't read his "Towers of Deception" book, it's very easily my favorite in the 9/11 chain of books that have been released.

great clip

Barrie Zwicker is one of my favorite truthers. He has such an incredible energy about him, and such compelling arguments and assertions.

And, I do think that he's absolutely right about the lack of feedback via the media. WE ARE OMNIPRESENT, and yet we don't quite realize it, except in a sort of theoretical, detached way. Even Zwicker himself seemed surprised by the airline attendants who proclaimed the recent shampoo terror as a fraud. And, then there was the pizza delivery guy in the elevator who said (paraphrasing) "oh yeah, we all know 9/11 was an inside job."

Rove says the'll be an "October surprise."

What is this evil man up to now?
Conservative websites claim Rove has been promising GOP insiders an 'October surprise': http://www.rawstory.com/news/2006/Newsmax_Rove_promises_GOP_insiders_Oct...

Barrie's a truly charming

Barrie's a truly charming fellow, and brilliant to boot.

The bit about the pizza

The bit about the pizza deliveray guy was classic.

dirty bomb

Just want to say that I don't believe we'll ever see a "dirty bomb" utilized anywhere for a false-flag event. Watch "The Power of Nightmares" and you'll see experts explain that such a bomb isn't nearly as dangerous as the gov't would have you believe.

Unfortunately, I think if they're going to do something again, it'll be another "shock and awe" event that is visually, spectacularly horrific. That's the tried and true method in this day and age of tv and media coverage. Think about 9/11 and how there were plenty of other scenarios that would have created way more casualities -- i.e. one of the "hijacked" planes could have easily hit the nuclear plant outside NYC. Way more catastrophic, but without the "shock and awe."

I don't think the powers-that-be who arrange these events are looking for massive casualties -- they WANT us to be scared and subservient.

Be skeptical ... be very skeptical


"you'll see experts explain

"you'll see experts explain that such a bomb isn't nearly as dangerous as the gov't would have you believe."

Does that really matter much?

Their media will be able to publicize, push and sell much more danger to the public than there actually is without any problem.

Just line up dozens of "experts" -- doctors, scientists, environmental activists, biologists, chemists... -- and let them explain how many hundreds of thousands of people will be dying over the next 10 years as a consequence of that one dirty bomb that now was triggered by "the terrorists" (and which did kill only 10 people on day 1, for now).

Just line up dozens of other experts -- secret service, FBI, peace lovers, physicists, investigative journalists... -- and let them explain how easy it is to build such a bomb, how many are already built and hidden and waiting to go off, how much nuclear material has been proliferated around the world to terrorists (from the former Soviet Union's arsenal...).

It's their everyday business. Don't dismiss it.

The camps are waiting....

I appreciated the fact that he mentioned the camps. You know folks, this is truly becoming life and death. I don't intend to go quietly into their darkness.

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." -- President Franklin D. Roo

you're damn right

i hope we can come to know this in our hearts--that this is not just another hobby or issue; this may well become a life or death situation. we are up against something truly monolithic and unfeeling, we need move past our illusions, past fear, and towards full, singular dedication. don't expect this this to be a risk free venture. we're all gonna have to put our asses on the line.

International Truth Movement

Yes, it's mainly Alex Jones who warns about the "camps"...

I'm glad that Zwicker is warning us about the camps too. This sh*t needs to stop now!

No kidding

That's why we all have to do as much outreach as possible, every day. And be ready to defend yourself.

Still pretty scary to share! Downright Dangerous!

It is encouraging to hear Barry and I REALLY get that it's totally VITAL to get the message out ,BUT! I hate those buts, BUT Just today I tried to reach someone and they reacted violently and called me crazy and put me down and laughed at me, ostisized me , and that's just how far MOST people are in Denial about this. They know deep down inside though.
Do you realize their is still no REAL movement, I am totally isolated heree in Hosuton a city of millions and there are millions out there like me the curious type, BUT, if you run up agianst a tough nut to crack it can be deadly. Theirs no choice though, but I am am pesimistic right now, not enough of of the demographic has any idea at all! You sure as hell can't metion it to a a family member, not in my family, this info is dynomite and it's gonna blow up on us sooner or later on us all in a big way!
I need some help , HELP< HELP< All I have been able to do is send a little money to the scholars. There's nNO ONE for me to work with here, and I do not wanna die for trying to share this.
DMANED the left wing gatekeepers , playing plitics witht he whole thing, the anti war movement has totally failed us. They are not against WAR they are for it. The anit war people are KILLERS and complicit , to the murder of so many. They sent my buddies home in body bags during the NAM, we have got to have something, a protest, a movement, a revolution, BIG TIME! It will take something as big as that to stop it and we all know it. I'm sure as hell ot looking forward to the HORROR I see on the horizon.
This movement has let us down, there's no organization , thetre's no movement to speak of because it takes those with the most courage to even begin to see and realize the HORROR of what "they" have done. I see nothing but more HORROR on the Horizon because I garauntee you the common people will not awaken no matter what we do. It';s too much for them, they can't handle it, AMERIKANS are not that tough anymore. FAT LAZY, dumbed down cattle . It isn't gonna happen people not without the major media there has got to be some kind of miracle happen, something will happen that's for sure, something BIG! There is not going back for the big time players with our lives, "they" are toally rutheless, very few realize this. Soemone write me back I'm dying out here all by myslelf1 ARGGHHH!!!!!!

That's fucked up

Sorry to hear of your run in with an agonized denialist. This country's packed with 'em. There's stuff you can do without exposing yourself to dangerous morons, you just gotta be creative.


The Fascist South

I have also had alot of trouble trying to spread truth here in Alabama. I know that my job is at risk and even my childrens' school and friends. I experience fascist-like hate just for being a democrat, god help me if I accuse their beloved Bush of doing anything so sinister. Alabama would elect Bush a third time if it were possible. They are so blind here that if Bush and Cheney decapitated toddlers on national television, most people here would trust that they did it for our safety!

Towers of Deception arrived in the mail yesterday

Can't put it down... that's some good readin'.

Who among the NYFD

will carry the ring of 9/11 truth for their slain comrades

911truth is all about the

911truth is all about the media refusal to go the road of Watergate once again. They don't like the idea so they pretend 9/11 truth weren't true, weren't logical , or didn't exist. Zwicker is the guy to make the media illusion bubble burst.

A really great, inspiring

A really great, inspiring talk by Barry, especially his final comments which are pertinent, dead-on accurate and completely realistic. I ordered his book from Amazon some time ago and should have it any day now.

Thank you

for sharing! Excellent!

Blind Media?

More like corrupted Media.... can these people really be this negligent? It's criminal!

FOX just reported that the 20 to 30 thousand people protesting at the G8 were there to protest Hugo Chavez.

oh wait....but there were 200 to 300 people there protesting Bush and the Iraq War?!?!?

WOW! truely mind boggling

We've got to get out more.

I went downtown yesterday to hand out some fliers, but shyness got the better of me. I'll have to go again with a different approach. I'll stand with a sign that says "Ask Me About 9/11." Those who ask will get the flyer. If anyone tells me they already know, I'll talk to them about becoming activists.

The important thing about reaching out to people is to find out how much Truth they are ready for, and give it out accordingly. Unfortunately, some will not listen and it's best to move on and find someone else.

you dont even have to sit

you dont even have to sit there and hand them out if you feel shy. just simply place them in peoples windshield wipers or put them in mailboxes. legal? maybe not, but if you happen to get caught the worst thats gonna happen is your going to be told to stop. and that way, your getting the word out to a lot of people without having to directly confront them. i understand the shyness or whatever, ive gotten into some small spats with people on the street over 9/11 materiels i was handing out. but if someone happens to come across an interesting flyer that isnt selling anything like a 9/11 fact sheet or something on their windshield, it tends to make them more interested.

Thanks Chris, that's an

Thanks Chris, that's an excellent idea. It's been hard to excuse myself for being shy, especially after watching Gandhi on HBO the other day. I mean this man and his followers got in the way of police until they beat them with a club, and I won't even hand out a paper on a street corner?

Anyway, your windshield idea will get the job done. :-)

When and if the "october

When and if the "october surprise" happens, I want to see all Truthers on the streets demanding that people entertain the notion that is was an inside operation. We cannot stay home should such an event occur.

that's right

don't be discouraged! good for you for trying! it's hard, i know! it takes guts!