How wild 9/11 conspiracies undermine the left

Leafletting @ the Dept. of Justice! Very impressive indeed!

I just had to link to these guys! They should have our support! It takes a lot of guts to leaflet in front of the DOJ, trying to find potential whistleblowers to come forward!

Wow. I am impressed with

Wow. I am impressed with their courage and ability to stay calm and polite.

Also, one of the three is 911blogger's very own Erin S. Myers.

thanks for that

thanks for that

How wild conspiracy theories REALLY undermine the left...

Wild conspiracy theories, like those ascribing the ability to bring down three skyscrapers with two planes to a rag tag group of boxcutter wielding, hard drinking and coke using, lapdance loving young Arab muslims, undermine the left by giving the right an excuse to accuse the left of being treasonous and anti-american if they dare to apply reason and logic to the available facts surrounding 9/11. This way, the left ends up looking as much as the right like antiamerican lunatics without a grasp on reality or a moral conscience. This undermines the left by placing it on par with the right, and scaring away true American patriots from their causes for economic and social justice. It's all the fault of Left Gatekeepers like Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman, who for reasons as yet unclear refuse to let go of the official fairy tale. Are they dumb? Are they scared? Are they--unAmerican after all? Maybe... just maybe.