C&L’s interview with Kristen Breitweiser: Wake Up Call

Kristen-Breitweiser.jpg I interviewed Kristen last week and talked about her new book" Wake Up Call", Coulter and what she had to do to get the 9/11 commision off the ground. I hope you enjoy. She’s been through more than most and still keeps on fighting…


Full transcript;


I've got a lot of respect for these women (The Jersey Girls), zero respect for C&L, but when Kristen Breitweiser says;

"There’s no denying the fact that 19 hijackers brought the country to its knees"

That makes me cringe, what a crock of shit. 

yeah,as if John 'i lost a

yeah,as if John 'i lost a friend on 9/11 and thats why i ban all 9/11 discussion" Amato is gonna ask any real questions. and yes, Breitweiser clearly still doenst get it. i, like yourself, totally respect her and the courage she and the other Jersey Girls have shown, but they are so hopeless at this point. that statement says it all.

It's got to be hard for her,

It's got to be hard for her, but what about all the other family members who are able to bring themselves to question the official account sufficiently? I mean doesn’t she even know what’s in the documentary that she’s a part of LOL?