CNN Solicits Reader Opinions on Which Administration Fought Harder to Capture Osama bin Laden

He said, she said: Who’s right? -

Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have traded sharp words this week over which administration – Clinton’s or President Bush’s -- did more to pursue Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network. Who do you think is right? Why?

You'll notice that all of these news organizations are covering this issue by simply phrasing the argument as who did better, or who is more at fault. Perhaps a few thousand emails with some real facts and questions will get the point across - that we are still being lied to, and that the media still doesn't understand its role in holding government officials to account - no matter what side of the 2 party paradigm they fall under.

Please take a few minutes and send in an 'I-Report' as to the failures of this administration and the previous one, obviously they need the help.

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What is all this

What is all this "who did a better job"? It's all a parlor game. Does anyone really think Bill doesn't know what happened on 9/11? EVEN if he was not in on the job, a man of his intelligence is not deaf dumb and blind to the movement and the irregularities and the evidence? Someone has got him and Hillary by the cajones, since they don't dare speak out. Or could it simply be that the Democrats won't let them? Bill, you used to be the man who brought the goods. Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?

Parlor Game

I agree that this question of "Who is more to blame?" is a parlor game. Now that literally millions of people are questioning the events of 911, and thanks to the Internet, I hope not many will buy it.

Wasn't Clinton the President during the Oklahoma City bombing, and weren't bombs found in that building? Wasn't Clinton governor when those poor kids were found on the tracks in Mena, Arkansas?

Also, see "Clinton Body Count" :

That "Clinton Body Count" :

That "Clinton Body Count" : is pretty gruesome!

The only difference between Bill Clinton and George Bush is Clinton is Michael Corleone and George Dubya is Fredo! And of course Bush Sr is the Godfather. The "Wimp" is just his cover story!....

Don Your Mafia Hats

I'm encouraged that we're getting the Mob parallels here in this analysis of the global power pyramid. It's all about FAMILIES, and right now, in this corner of the planet, the Bush's are the Gambinos.

As I've said for quite a whie now - if you want to know how the world really works, watch The Sopranos.


Re: Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have traded sharp words this week over which administration – Clinton’s or President Bush’s -- did more to pursue Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network. Who do you think is right? Why?

Clinton would have to be.

If President Clinton had done absolutely nothing to pursue Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network, he very obviously served the American people better than President Bush, who had signed a Presidential directive (W199I-WF-213589), forcing the FBI to "back off" the bin Laden family in pre-911 terrorism investigations.

Maybe a few thousand of us could cut and paste the above and send it to CNN.

(Condolezza is honest when suggesting that this administration is using a more aggressive approach.)

Does it really matter

Let's say it matter, nobody did a good job since the man is still on the loose.

Dead Loose

How "on the loose" can you be when your body is rotted to a skeleton and maggots are knawing on your bones. Bin laden has been dead since December 2001 (at the latest). Its time to create a new boogeyman.

Tom Cruise?
Mel Gibson?
Tony Blair?
HRH The Prince of Wales?
Ivor Bigun?

(No Bogus names please)


. . . must fight MSM-induced nausea . . . so typical, so predictable, so "Wolf Blitzerry" that it barely warrants comment . They're having blaming contests and turning a blind eye while Iraq continues to burn and bleed.


Leave it to CNN: Crap News Network. All this arguing about who did more (or less) to capture UBL -- the CIA's top man in the Middle East -- is just a distraction for a gullible American public. Discussing UBL's whereabouts, videos, vital status, involvment in 9/11, and all the rest is about as meaningful as debating Paris Hilton's latest escapades. The purpose of this put-on is to distract our attention from the things that really matter: the 9/11 connections with US elites (no doubt of both parties), oil/gas, drugs, fascist police state legislation, the Pakistani connection, the Israeli connection, insider trading, and the gravy train of military and "homeland security" contracts for connected corporations.

Truthers must not allow themselves to be distracted by this show! We need to keep our eye on the ball.