Alex Jones In Studio With Greg Palast: Big Oil & The Armed Madhouse

Greg Palast: Big Oil & The Armed Madhouse

Alex Jones welcomes Greg Palast live in studio to discuss high crimes and misdemeanors of the corporate elite as exposed in Palast's new bestselling book Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats, Bush Sinks, The Scheme to Steal '08,No Child's Behind Left, and Other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War.

Palast covers the pre-9/11 plans to formulate policies for controlling Iraq's oil fields and the cover-up surrounding them, the deliberate plan to engender chaos in Iraq, the state of journalism in America, and the slow slide to soft dictatorship.

Palast's analysis of the peak oil scam decimates the claims of those who say black gold is on its way out of existence and it should be regulated by oil companies who in their own documents have been caught creating artificial scarcity. The role of Venezuela and Hugo Chavez in oil politics is also covered.

DBLS, Palast, and Alex Jones

DBLS, Palast, and Alex Jones are all better than to bag on peak oil. This is not to say that oil companies or the Bush administration wouldn't want to regulate control and production, though. The issue is not that the oil is literally going to run out in a couple of years, it's that a maximum production peak will be reached after which irreversible decline is inevitable, no matter how many straws you put in the ground or dollars you invest.

Did you not listen to a word

Did you not listen to a word of what they said? It's baloney, "Peak Oil" comes from Big Oil as a reaction to the fact that Oil is everywhere, and they needed to create artificial scarcity. It doesn’t come from nice little left wing progressives, although they've brought it hook line and sinker. You can point to graphs that show a "Peak" as much as you like, that doesn’t PROVE anything if the data that's being used in those graphs is again baloney coming straight from Big Oil. "Peak Oil" in fact shows how easily the left progressive are manipulated, its shameful. We should totally get of Oil, but not because of some hoax from the Monopoly Men, that allows the Monopoly Men to stay in power. We should get of it because it's a pollutant and because there are other technologies that are more efficient, but are being held back by the "elites" because they will threaten their energy monopoly.

Tell me Anonymous do you also believe that the planet is overpopulated? Because that's another scam. And don't you think "Peak Oil" is a divisive distraction because nobody really agrees on it, and that we should be working together on getting a real investigation into 9/11, rather than fighting?

This guy's awesome

...but I noticed that Alex kind of danced around the heart of 9/11-Inside-Job Truth, which he often does as a courtesy to the quasi-mainstreamers who aren't completelty on board.
Is Palast completely out?

no, Palast cant wrap his

no, Palast cant wrap his head around it. hes a smart guy, a good journalist, but a huge dissapointment on 9/11.


made a mistake and posted twice

Palast thinks 9/11 people are nuts

Last I heard, and considering his personality and the strength of his conviction, I'm not waiting for any change.

He believes the Government's story on 9/11 - the "terrorists hate us." And gets much of his information from inside leaked sources - so I've often thought he is used often as a tool for whatever certain factions want to make public. He holds semi-official sources very highly. The credibility of his Media image is also very important to him. He doesn't understand why he isn't a hero to the mainstream Media for his story of the 2000 election. From his worldview, that doesn't make sense.

He uncovered the story that the FBI ordered agents to back off the Saudis. He knows the FBI tied the hands of the agents, the summer of 2001, who were following the men who later allegedly were the "hijackers." He just doesn't think that means the government were the perpetrators.

Much of the evidence we have, even the demonstration of controlled demolition, doesn't necessaily implicate the government, if a person doesn't want to see it. All the data and evidence could apparently be "coincidence," in many people's mind.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle