Video proof of inside job (no less!)


Watch this video.

Near the top floor, you see a guy waving a white shirt (at least it looks like this). He's in the upper right corner of the building that's facing the camera, just below the dark area, and just at the top of the uniformly gray part of the building. Just when WTC2 is hit, the pigeon in the foreground flies away. Right at that moment, a bunch of things happen.

You are looking at the North face of WTC1.

a) That little red flame on the right side of the West Face of WTC1 explodes out, then returns to "normal."

b) There is an explosion, a puff of smoke, that bursts out the window of the guy waving his shirt. After that, he is no longer waving his shirt.

c) There are multiple puffs of smoke that shoot out of the North face of WTC1, on many floors between the plane's hole and the top of the building.

d) Right after the fireball (and camera shake) it looks like 2 people jump out of the lower floors of the smoking region of the West face of WTC1. This is just above and to the right of that little red flame.

e) Then, there is a large puff of smoke that explodes out of a window, about half way up the uniformly gray region of the building, on the very right side, between the upper right plane hole and the dark top of the building.

f) Then, a few seconds later, here comes the chopper, flying around the back side of the towers. I think this chopper may have been there to set off these detonations, just as WTC2 was hit. Perhaps they assumed it would be less noticeable. After all, the explosions you heard were of the fuel exploding out of WTC2, right? ...sure...

g) Just when the chopper is midway across that blue patch of sky, notice all that huge amount of smoke shooting out of the left side of WTC1, from the roof and from the East face. The smoke keeps shooting out for the remainder of the video.

h) Just after the chopper is out of the picture, the guy's shirt falls out of that window.

There are plenty of other things, but these are enough for now. :-]

Here's what I think:
I believe there were huge explosions, during the time of this video, causing a lot of air pressure that pushes through the building. Perhaps it is the open windows that allow the venting. But, it's interesting that it doesn't shoot out of the hole where the plane went in. So, perhaps the explosions were in many of the floors above the hole, which were to prepare that top chunk to disintegrate, later. I'll bet those people jumped, thinking the building had just blown up. Their only chance for survival would be to jump clear of the exploding building.

Hey, notice the pigeon flies away *before* the big WTC2 explosion. i.e. The plane hit didn't jar the building much. The explosions shook the building. The plane didn't! I'm assuming the plane hit about the time the bird flew away. The bird would fly, sensing danger. He's going to fly away as the building is hit. Notice he glances over at WTC2, several times, waiting to see if he needs to leave. He sees the plane coming.


Sorry, I just didn't find

Sorry, I just didn't find that to be clear cut proof of an inside job and I believe it was an inside job. One could argue that what occurs is a shockwave from the blast of the plane's impact as evident by the camera shake.

Explosions in THE OTHER

Explosions in THE OTHER TOWER are clear cut proof.

My theory is that the people fell because of the explosions making them loose their grip!


do you have any idea how much electricity was coursing through the 2 towers on that morning? Those two buildings alone were the equivalent of a small city.

as everyone knows electricity is a beast to control. that is all why we have power-surge protectors on our computers. even a lighting strike can cause a power surge throughout an entire neighborhood that could knock out people's electronics - and cause transformers to explode.

several years back one small episode in the northeast started a domino effect that knocked out the powergrid for the entire northeast of america and canada.

Transformers do indeed explode.

there is no way to know how the two towers responded - electrically - to something as catastrophic as a plane crash. but reports of explosions occuring throughout the buildings is not necessarily unusual.

so - your theory should include some factual information regarding HOW MUCH electricity surged through these buildings - how many transformers and relay stations were in the buildings -and what was their placement - etc etc.

and lastly - fires themselves can suddenly go from small - to explosive - in a moment. just opening a door could change the air flow to a relatively small fire - and cause an explosion. every fireman knows that. watch teh movie "backdraft"

it is good to constantly question and observe and debate stuff like this - but - i also think that the abundance of amateur opinions on stuff like this where people declare PROOF of an inside job is actually not so good for the movement.

This jibes perfectly with William Rodriguez's testimony.

Rodriguez states very clearly that as they heard the plane hit the South Tower, in the North Tower they simultaneously heard "pow-pow-pow-pow-pow". Now call me an amateur, but what that says to me is that certain explosions (probably the ones that would have been the biggest giveaways of the demolition charges) seem to have been timed to occur simultaneously with the planes' impacts so as to mask them with that sound, also the magician's trick of misdirection applies. I think this adequately explains one of the weirdest things about the impact of the planes, which is the flashes that seem to emanate from the impact zones almost instantaneously before the impacts. Physical evidence is EVERYTHING, folks. I always find it suspicious when people tell us it hurts the movement. The movement got off the ground because of the physical evidence, and the absence of it. Nonetheless, tehre have always been those, and I won't name names, who have suggested not calling attention to building 7 and the Pentagon, or controlled demolition even. They change their tune when they realize that that is what captures most peoples' imaginations, but only ever so slightly. Instead of discouraging people from focusing on those things, they change the subject to bit players like Pakistan, whose main crime it would seem was sending Mohammed Atta some money for his coke and T&A. What that has to do with the controlled demolition of the twin towers and building 7 I can't figure out, except that it seems to work to strengthen the false account of 19 hijackers with boxcutters. Speaking of, actually, I read a report that the Yankee pitcher's PASSPORT WAS FOUND IN THE STREET in NY after his plane crashed. Hmmmm.... Why did he have his passport for a flight around the city? Was he headed to Canada? And where are the photos of the plane's debris? Anyone? Bueller?


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Not conclusive evidence.

Give me a break! I watched this video clip multiple times and saw NOTHING that would suggest some type of high explosive(H.E.) event after the impact of the airplane.

This type of baseless presentation of bogus evidence is what gives all conspiracy theorist such a bad rep. I have done video and photo image analysis for many years both in the the private sector and for the government.

I have scanned and analyzed hundreds of photos and a huge number of video clips(like yours) and I haven't found a single conclusive peice of evidence that would indicate some type of internal H.E. demolition of either tower.

Oh, and building 7 clip, I have gone through that clip frame by frame and no one will ever convince me that the flashes of light as the building collapses are H.E. charges or primachord charge relays. I have seen those types of charges go off in rock quarries and the flashes are as intense as welders arch. Plus, the flashes would happen before the building begins to collapse not during or after the building begins to fall. The clip clearly shows the building collapsing and as the glass building shutters and falls you see sun light reflecting off of the windows of the shaking and collapsing building.

Finally, if H.E. was used to bring down the buildings where is the trace elements and residue of the explosives? I watched a demo crew bring down a steel gantry crane near my home it took 390 pounds of H.E. to bring down that crane and turn it into a pile of scrap. That crane wasn't even 1/1000th the size of WTC Tower 1. How much H.E. would it take to bring down all the buildings that collapsed at ground zero?

If H.E. is present all of the enviromental testing being done there would pick up trace elements of H.E. and yet not one molecule of explosives has been found.

Cased Closed

We can go home now.
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9:03 AM video


Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen that particular camera angle before.

I have to agree with the other commentators who don't quite see the evidence of controlled demolition in this video. I'd have to say that I find you to be perhaps reading too much into the scant information in this video.

1) The pigeon's actions are completely irrelevant.

2) There's no causality to possibly be determined between the
impact of UA 175 on 2 WTC and the fabric flag being dropped by the survivor in 1 WTC.

3) This video was shot at 9:03 AM, approximately 50 minutes before the collapse of 2 WTC. Any seeming explosions can be explained by a number of different possiblities such as the bursting of occupant provided canisters such as oxygen tanks, explosion of electrical transformers, collapse of suspended ceiling systems, etc.

I'd say that the most intriguing, though still unexplained phenomenon in the video is the camera shake occurring prior to the appearance of the fireball. It remains a distinct possibility that this corroborates William Rodriguez's testimony to a sub-basement explosion occuring in 1 WTC just prior to the impact of UA 175 on 2 WTC. The video evidence of extensive damage in the lobby of 1 WTC shot at about 9:00 AM in the Naudet Brothers film would tend to corroborate this explanation. Scroll down to see lobby damage in still photos captured from the Naudet film:

In conclusion, the Indymedia video in and of itself really doesn't prove much of anything. Better evidence for a controlled demolition explanation is to be found elsewhere.