Blast the Incompetency Argument

Keep hearing that the notion of government complicity in 9/11 is being blown off by some liberals with the
argument that the administration is just a bunch of "bungling" idiots. We know better and we must
be ready to come back at this argument with some good solid, "sound byte" evidence.

BushCo is NOT incompetent. They are highly competent at setting and executing a cold, clinical
corporate agenda. This agenda does NOT include protecting the average American citizen; see Katrina.
It does include making war on Iraq on the cheaps and for big, big profit for the few and powerful;
see inadequate body armor and see the movie "Iraq for Sale." This administration has turned the tragedy
of Iraq into a veritable gold mine for its contractor friends while assuaging the concerns of the Saudis and
Big Oil about real competition in the global oil market.

It's all about priorities, not competence.

As I said in an earlier post, we need to BASH this incompetence argument by pointing out how successful
they have been, up until very recently, in exploiting public goodwill for their own monetary gain and
for rabid, raw power.

DEAD Americans are "collateral damage" to these people.

Pointing out their COMPETENCE in carrying out their agenda not only debunks the incompetency argument,
it illustrates the cold and heartless precision of this administration in executing it's global dominance agenda.
E.g., "Any reason we should trust these guys? On anything?"

Now that popular opinion is on our side, we need to strangle the incompetency argument in its crib each time it is resurrected by wimpy Bill Maher types. Sorry, guess you can see I ain't a fan.


They won two elections illegally.

They wanted to invade Afghanistan. They did.

They wanted to invade Iraq. They did.

They're making it so we're going to be there for a very long time.

They're corporate friends are making billions from both wars.

They're doing all of this, and getting away with it because they've managed to take over the 3 branches of Government, and the media.

It seems to me they're not very incompetent.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


Yeah, and Bill Frist now says we should turn it back over to the Taliban. Big, hmm, indeed. Anyone so drunk with power and success as to suggest such an absurdity has GOT be delusional. But not by accident. When you get away with murder and fraud, day in, day out, you begin to think you can say anything to the American people and it will float, just because you're a Republican.

Enter Mark Foley . . .

And, yeahhh, the book about Republicans scamming the evangelicals is coming out tomorrow. (sinister cackling, rubbing hands together . . . heh, heh)

Yes, you hear this argument

Yes, you hear this argument all the time. It is a very strange argument. They try to get away with it with an ironic twist. It is especially used by the left/liberal crowd.

But, 19 Muslim cokeheads eqipped with boxcutters directed by a kidney patient from a cave in Afghanistan were competent enough...
This is so dumb...

Space shuttle

indicates competence.


someone should start collecting examples of BushCo Competence in serving its real masters. Expect the Beltway Dems to run away from this list, but it would be handy lil tool for 911 truth. Calling all researchers. I think Jon Gold's list is a good start.

Really, an excellent example in terms of war profiteering is Iraq. I mean, we all know how our tax dollars are being spent over there and it AIN'T for clean drinking or bathing water for the troops or body armor.

When you analyze the priorities of this administration through through the lense of corporate profiteering (rather than service to the taxpayers), it makes perfect sense. All you have to do is look at how our big corporations operate here in the US, and it all makes sense. Governance is not their concern, profits are. Hence, an administration that is highly competent in serving its corporate masters.