FOX threatens Alex Jones with barely subliminal "Standoff"

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"Man of Steele"
by Citizen Emily

Lethargy struck late last Tuesday nite and after playing with the coat hanger jig on my tv I finally got FOX in without snow. I tuned in for a program I have never heard of before called "Standoff."

"Standoff" is a one hour prime-time crime drama. Ron Livingston plays a suave FBi hostage negotiator who saves the day once a week. Typically this Hollywood Dept. of Homeland Security scripted bull isht is not what I'm interested in. But before finding the remote in search of PBS (Public Bull Isht) something said on "Standoff" caught my attention.

Soon enough "Standoff" was introducing a character that was so mocking independent journalist and radio talk show host Alex Jones that I had to sit down and convince myself I wasn't dreaming. This character dissing Alex Jones, "Avery Steele," an energetic, suspicious, conspiracy theorist, was a radio talk-show host with a panache for revealing government cover-ups. As this episode of "Standoff" developed a hostage taker had called into "Avery Steele's" controversial talk-show for advice. By the end of the program, the FBi hostage negotiators set up a sting for the talk show host and the hostage taker who had 'phoned into his show for Constitutional advice. Ron Livingston rides again, I guess.

The episode of "Standoff," "Man of Steele" aired Nov. 14th 2006 as episode 7 of the show's inaugural season. The entire episode is available on "Standoff's" Myspace™ page at:

As a student of propaganda and a Disney™ school drop out I know a little something about suggestion, placement, messaging and association in the media. I know propaganda when I see it because I've been trained to create it. I also know, as an artist, that the only way life imitates art is when art is used to transmit a battle plan. Neither did the character talk show host's name go unnoticed, "Avery Steele," a possible attempt at association with Dylan Avery. And the fact that the hostage taker was upset over Child Protective Services (CPS) took the propaganda from subliminal to straight forward as CPS is a current hot topic on The Alex Jones Show. For those of you who think media doesn't much make a person's mind consider the fact that billions of dollars are spent on this stuff. And why when a budget for a shoot isn't all that high?

Not only was the Alex Jones character, "Avery Steele," giving foolish advice to a hostage taker live on his radio program, he is at last fooled by the FBi who records him, detain him and then fool his time-delayed audience through voice manipulation technologies and splicing of the talk show host's audio recordings. Ultimately editing the words right out of the talk show host's mouth and deceiving his audience. Also, while the FBI joins him on air to dictate the conversation they out "Avery Steele" for making millions of dollars in the exposing of corruption. Making the ill fated suggestion that being prosperous in fighting tyranny is wrong.

This is a clear "Code Red," as it were, and the episode should be examined by all Alex Jones supporters and dissected personally just as Fox's notorious episode of "The X-Files, "Lone Gunmen" has been dissected by the 9/11 truth movement.

This is Fox propaganda and corny bored-elite-brat foreshadowing at it's lowest.

Hang up on any hostage takers that call you, Alex Jones, because its going to be a set up. Or likewise any such suspicious calls. This episode of "Standoff" is a clear warning. Like a good crime novel, the global crime-syndicate always leave clues leading up to their crimes.

Unlike in the TV show "Standoff," however, Alex Jones' advice would be to shut up and get a lawyer, no doubt, and then he'd quickly move on to the next caller. Sadly the character pathetically mocking Alex Jones, "Avery Steele" only continues to sing and play into the FBi's good cop/bad cop tricks. As Alex Jones has repeatedly said on his real-life radio show, when they knock don't answer the door. In other words, exercise your 5th amendment and God given rights not to incriminate yourself.

(Oh and a little word to the wise for the federales, if Alex Jones' fans ever rallied in support of something they'd come armed. You all will know what I mean if you watch the show.)

Please forgive any mistakes or misunderstandings in my brief survey of this episode, as a Mac user I cannot access the episode online and can only access the dusty files of a bad-reception program. However the summary is available here:

And as always you can catch Alex Jone's Radio program streaming 24/7 here:
Or by checking listings here:

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Howdy. Thanks.

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