The Future of 9/11 Activism

"Get active, or get radioactive." - Webster Tarpley

About 150 people gathered in Dover NH, this past Saturday to discuss 9/11 strategy in this politically essential state. New Hampshire is where the presidential primaries begin.

Activists confronted Democratic Senator Chris Dodd with some questions on Saturday, and Webster Tarpley reported on the activities from the Friends Meeting House in Dover. The first hour of World Crisis Radio was spent primarily on a Q&A session with some of the activists who were there, and started on the Dodd questioning toward the end of the hour.

At a Quaker meeting house in Dover, Rob LaPorte and Mike Casner confronted Sen. Dodd. (Hopefully, there will be pictures and video later on.)

LaPorte was called on to ask a question at the Town Hall meeting Dodd and others were attending, and said, roughly (LaPorte was going from memory);

"The 9/11 attacks became the justification for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many Americans have serious questions about the 9/11 Commission Report, and the 9/11 Commission. Days after Pearl Harbor and the Oklahoma bombing there were committees formed. It took well over a year for such an investigation of this monumental crime to come about. The investigation was resisted by the administration, the head of the investigation (Zelikow) was essentially in the employ of the administration. The resulting report had tons of gaps.

So Senator, I have two questions;

Would you consider initiating a truly independent commission to investigate the attacks of 9/11?

How can a 47 story modern steel high-rise collapse at free-fall speeds when it was not hit by a plane and had minimal fires, and minimal damage? The 9/11 report mentions nothing about it and it seems important to me and other Americans to know what happened."

Continued below...

LaPorte says that in answer to the question, Dodd would look into it. In answer to the question... he didn't know.

Dodd also took questions from Casner, and Casner brought up the role of Securacom at the WTC center, and the suppressed NYC Firefighter oral histories that finally saw the light of day via the New York Times, that mention many secondary explosions in the Towers before the buildings collapsed.

Casner asked again, would Dodd support an independent investigation with subpoena power. This time Dodd said he didn't know, and wouldn't commit to a new investigation.

Presidential candidates will be confronted with these questions whenever they take questions from the public, wherever the political will from 9/11 activists exists. Keep an eye out for "meet the public" type events where you can get involved.

Do your research, formulate the most penetrating questions that you can, and put these people on the spot.

Later in the second hour Tarpley had Paul Deslauriers and Prof. William Woodward on. Paul Deslauriers had some things to say about organizing and developing political clout. From seeds planted at the Boston Tea Party, the Northeast 9/11 activists are networking, developing subcommittees, and getting things done!

Getting organized and unified allows people to apply themselves to getting the word out using the skills that they have, in different subcommittees, spread out geographically, simultaneously.

Check out the World Crisis Radio archive for Saturday, January 20th, 2007 for more information;

The next big happening for 9/11 Truth coincides with next weekend's gathering of peace activists in Washington, January 26-29. See for more details.

Deslauriers is an experienced political organizer. Need advice? Contact Paul at info(at)

I really hope that what these 2 men did with Dodd foreshadows...

...what will happen during the entilre '08 campaign...that these questions will be asked, the exchange will be filmed, and put on YouTube. The "I don't know" answer can only last about a week, if that...

Great post.

Excellent questions

LaPorte chose his questions well. I plan to let this example guide how I question politicians, given limited time for it in every case. Wouldn't it be superb if every single candidate for every single race has to face these two questions? Let them face this for however long it takes... until the answers are clearly known, and publicized, and also dealt with appropriately.

Chose questions well, yes indeed.

One wouldn't have known from hearing Rob Speak, that he was nervous about speaking on a subject he didn't know enough about. He ended up being as effective as one can be. He simply showed up, was well composed, respectfull, polite. Dodds' answer (or lack of) spoke volumes, and left the 150-200 people in the audience knowing full well he had no intention of discussing the most pressing issue of modern times.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

Not good...

When I got to 10:20'ish had to stop the vid.

All I can say is shame on the producers... The perps would be proud


Fake planes means you have no brains.

WTC 7 = 9/11 Smoking Gun

Unwatchable, unfeasible,

Unwatchable, unfeasible, badly made BS.

Great Work.

You gotta love retail politics... Hopefully EVERY candidate will be confronted in this manner multiple times...

The prospect has got to have Hilliary et al shaking in their boots..

Great work.

It seems like

It seems like the Senator from NY will have the toughest time with the questions. Go for it.


Just saw Hilary on the news. She doesnt think anything will surprise her. She will have a patented evasive answer. Be creative.

Use it if you got it

We have to use the technology available to spread the message.

could also broadcast at Universitiy and College campuses.... find a good place to project at local Fairs and Festival events... pass DVD's out along parade routes

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

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Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Would it surprise you to

Would it surprise you to learn that spooks THEMSELVES write letters to the editor? Yes sirry bob. Apparently, it’s not enough to own and control the mainstream media, nor to have numerous plants within “alternative” media, nor even to have entire news organizations devoted exclusively to pimping your propaganda (ahem, Fox) 24/7; we need letters to the editor too!

As Disinformation’s book of lists notes:

“Upon receiving his FBI file, Paul Krassner discovered that he Bureau was behind a poison-pen letter sent to Life Magazine, calling the counterculture trickster "a raving, unconfined nut." This phrase became the title of Krassner's autobiography.”


Remember that next time you wonder why so many fruitcakes are out there praising Bush, Zionism or the OFT of 911; that’s your tax dollars at work! You’re arguing with your paycheck!

And hey, speaking of unconfined nuts, looks like Nico’s back and charming as ever. O joy.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

letters to editors

While we're on the subject of letter writing I was hoping you good people could help out with responding to this article in the Toronto Star.
Our (minority) government have been evasive up till now regarding the reason Canadian troops are in Afghanistan. Now we have something we can respond to. I wonder if Mr O'Connor knows something we don't know because from what I have learned nothing has been proven in a court of law.
Thanks eh.
PS I know you have much bigger battles at home than this but we will appreciate any help we can get.

Three Angles

Contact O'Connor office directly and ask them what evidence and legal judgements have been used by the Canadian government to justify his statements assigning blame for the events of 9/11.

Ask his office if they are aware of comments made by former Canadian Minister Paul Hellyer that cast doubt on the official explanations for the lack of air interceptor response to the strange movements of the airliners that day, and how do they explain the descrepancy.

Phone the CBC newsroom and ask them to get a reporter to ask O'Conner about the issue.

Also check out this 9/11 Government of Canada website produced by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Great report