Cameron on Bilderberg, this is sickening.

(This is my comment on his "blog" in responce, everyone drop some credible, powerful truth bombs - )

Blair was asked about his meetings at the outrageous and undemocratic "Bilderberg" for which he had attended, along with Gordon Brown and Bill Clinton, before any of them took office. Here was the question and his response;

Norman Baker MP: To ask the Prime Minister pursuant to the answer of 12 October 2006, Official Report, column 862W, on the Bilderberg Group, if he will provide the information requested in respect of himself since 1997. [95308]

The Prime Minister: I have not attended any such meetings.


Now look at Cameron's response;

"I haven't attended any such meetings, so your other questions don't apply!"

This is quite sickening and frankly rather disturbing, did he literally just ask one of his advisers "what did Blair say" and copy that? Very odd, Mr Cameron this is a massive betrayal of trust against the people! We all know Ken Clarke has been attending these meetings for decades and is on the steering committee, why did you not elaborate on your knowledge of “Bilderberg”? WHY IS THIS SECRET! What is our democracy rendered, a sham? I am most disgusted, this is beyond articulation, WHO DO YOU SERVE IF NOT THE PEOPLE MR CAMERON?! Unbelievable. Where is our “free press” media?


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